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Terse Verses: Volume II: Topics

Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume II

Terse Verse: Sports and Games

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Terse Verse: Klutz Hit

Klutz Hit

Pros talk
Chat squawk
Love sprew
Foul view
Sports plays
Few praise
Fore casts
Oft blasts

Last word
Fans heard
Their cash
Makes smash
These scpres
Stun bores
Flip flops
Spin tops

Terse Verse: Brass Rings

Brass Rings

Spring rite
Dreams bright
Teams race
First place
Sure shot
Wins pot
Ends drought
Pans out

All aim
Stake claims
Make rounds
Grab crowns
Hopes new
Comes through
Not old
Fools gold

Terse Verse: Run Round

Run Round

Sports jog
Wind fog
Sleet snow
Still go
Long miles
Smug smiles
Change pace
Love race

We praise
Their ways
Just sit
Watch fit
They Strain
In rain
Brag wet
Know sweat

Terse Verse: Spot Lite

Spot Lite

From blue
Star new
Flash fame
Blaze name
Crowd wowed
Roars loud
Signs high
Lights sky

Sun blinds
Cloud minds
They fear
End near
Sparks flirt
Fans split
Fades clout
Lights out

Terse Verse: Squares Won

Squares Won

Chess game
Can shame
Those who
Are new
Try crow
They know
Smart way
To play

But when
Face men
Their skill
Proves nil
Moves trounced
Pride bounced
Ends wrecked
Bum checked

Terse Verse: Teed Off

Teed Off

Swing club
See flub
Blast ball
Cuss all
Irons fire
More ire
Next slice
Swear twice

Each stroke
I choke
From fore
To score
Bad words
Oft heard
Voice coarse
Curse course

Terse Verse: Wurst Case

Wurst Case

Game day
Teams play
Fans munch
Quick lunch
Can't beat
Taste treat
Down dogs
Like hogs

Twixt buns
Strange ones
Ask not
What's hot
Nor tell
"Neath smell
Think this
"Tis bliss

Terse Verse: Cross Words

Cross Words

Clues hid
Patch grid
First try
Just I
Guess work
Seek quirk
Ups downs
Finds frowns

Loose ends
Ask friends
Use books
Check nooks
Get stuck
Curse luck
Swears stress
Speech less

Terse Verse: Net Flicks

Net Flicks

Arms fling
Balls zing
Crowds shout
Ins out
Sweat shines
Fault lines
Wild tame
Great game

Watch pros
On toes
Nerves fray
Foes rule
Lose cool
Wins stress
Match less


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