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Terse Verses: A Collection of Howes Haiku Volumes 1-10
A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verses: Volume II: Topics

Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume II

Terse Verse: Adventures in Society

Terse Verse on society, adventures, and everything in between.

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Terse Verse: Pinch Hits

Pinch Hits

Gals slap
When chap
Gets fresh
Paws flesh
Sparks ire
Screams higher
Quick race
Safe place

Next case
Ball place
Fans roar
Tie score
Right aim
Wins game
Clears dome
Run home

Terse Verse: Card Sharks

Card Sharks

Game day
Pros play
Cards dealt
Thrills felt
Chairs manned
All hands
On deck
Raise check

Chips in
Sly grin
Fives tens
Big bens
They eye
Small fry
Their wish
Shell fish

Terse Verse: Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Germs crawl
Colds call
Those poor
Quick cure
Check ads
Drug fads
Trust pills
Treat ills

Old days
Mom's ways
Soup rest
Were best
Help keep
Costs cheap
Toll bell
All's well

Terse Verse: Hit Run

Hit Run

Some fights
Base rights
Old school
Slugs rule
Where teams
Blow steam
Weak wrong
Smart strong

To last
Swat fast
Words spike
Quick strike
One shot
Quick trot
No err
Foul fair

Terse Verse: Thumbs Rule

Thumbs Rule

She asks
He tasks
Pound nails
Swing fails
Oops slip
Curse grip
Who's fool?
Blame tool

His vow
Learn how
New look
Buys book
But aim
The same
Next slide
Blame guide

Terse Verse: Churn Pike

Churn Pike

Cars crawl
Swerve stall
Lines stop
Then pop
Curse cry
Fists fly
Hearts race
Slow pace

Blue sights
Red lights
All blame
Rush game
Near crash
Teeth gnash
Jaws block
Grit Lock

Terse Verse: Dis Cuss

Dis Cuss

Teens shout
Scream flout
Foul words
In herds
From mild
To wild
No pride
Free ride

Low class
Like brass
Pray soon
Change tune
Shocks pale
Turn stale
They scoff
Swear off

Terse Verse: Gilt Trip

Guilt Trip

Gem sale
Rings wail
Gals much
Love touch
Eyes squint
Stars glint
Their prayers
To wear

Buy word
Is heard
First oohs
Then choose
She's bold
Digs gold
From mine
To mine

Terse Verse: Red I

Red I

Take flight
Late night
Then reap
Less sleep
Dull drone
Aches bone
Comes morn
Nerves worn

Next day
You pay
Feel blue
Gray through
Last stop
Eyes pop
Face sags
Claims bags

Terse Verse: Sole Mates

Sole Mates

Shoe sale
Like grail
Fads in
Fem's sins
Must try
Then buy
Great styles
Huge piles

No lure
So sure
Makes gals
Life pals
Don't fight
This rite
You'll meet
Des feet

Terse Verse: Lost Cause

Lost Cause

Phone pleas
Beg please
New mails
Bring tales
Fill need
With speed
Which one
Or none

We should
Do good
Yet scores
Breed more
So most
Are toast
When pled
For bread

Terse Verse: Got Cha

Got Cha

Dance craze
Wins praise
Watch pros
Head toes
Lads lass
Show class
Feet fly
Trip try

Step one
Have fun
Some win
Shoe in
Fear not
Last spot
Joys burst
Feat first

Terse Verse: Fore Casts

Fore Casts

Golf Green
Fun Scene
Hit ball
Shout call
Bad guess
Scores mess
Right aim
Ace game

Some say
This play
Mimes Dow
Charts how
Right pitch
Ducks ditch
Good lies
Trap prize

Terse Verse: Chop Shop

Chop Shop

Set sail
For sale
Where crowd
Mills loud
Long lines
Test spines
Shout stores
"Spend more"

Vast sea
Park free
All barge
To charge
Bump buy
That's why
They call
It maul

Terse Verse: Pop's Art

Pop's Art

Craft bloom
Dad's room
Paints splash
Slap dash
He's pround
Scenes loud
Works fast
Has blast

Crowds flock
Love shock
Praise jeer
Smirk sneer
Those smug
Shout hug
Rest hear
Daft ear

Terse Verse: Iron Age

Iron Age

Seek job
Hob nob
Dress spiff
Pants stiff
Neat shirt
No dirt
Best sell
Look well

To pass
Show class
Top toes
Trim clothes
Pressed suit
Bears fruit
Self sold
Join fold

Terse Verse: Block Busts

Block Busts

Brass view
Films new
Give go
Big show
Ads hype
Star type
Then wait
Check gate

Crowds flock
Gold crock
Can boast
Raise toast
Fans shun
Flop done
Boom is
Just fizz

Terse Verse: Lug Age

Lug Age

Air port
Time short
Long wait
At age
Check signs
Tag lines
Stay near
Check gear

Crowds packed
Seats stacked
Totes squeezed
None pleased
Jet lags
Lose bags
Rushed trip
Lost grip

Terse Verse: Spare Change

Spare Change

Two tales
Of wails
Tire pops
Car stops
Check trunk
Just junk
Sad plea
Why me?

Next case
Poor place
Begs shout
Hand out
Dig deep
End cheap
Both folk
Flat broke

Terse Verse: Spend Thrifts

Spend Thrifts

Gal's grail
Find sale
Mark downs
Win crowns
Drop price
Once twice
Bluff scoff/br> More off

Each deal
Like steal
All means
Save greens
Smart squads
Tight wads
Tags chopped
Bucks stopped

Terse Verse: Stock Yards

Stock Yards

Dow cools
Calm rules
Charts flat
Stand pat
Some hold
Shun bold
Saved loot
Bears fruit

Brave charge
Think large
Let flock
Watch clock
Sense highs
Chase buys
More fun
Bull run

Terse Verse: Up Scale

Up Scale

Star slow
Dreams grow
Don't shirk
Hard work
In time
Hopes climb
Sweat tush
Drive push

End race
Where's place?
Still draw
Short straw
Right stuff
Not' nuff
Earn ins
Pull wins

Terse Verse: Hedge Hog

Hedge Hog

Work slave
Scrimp save
Pick stock
Earn shock
Hot tips
Lose chips
All tries
Down size

Need pros
trim lows
They claim
Sharp game
So try
Their buy
Cuts worse
Trims purse

Terse Verse: Joke Hold

Joke Hold

Laughs please
Shticks please
Truth hides
'Neath snides
Quick fun
Sly pun
Crowds roar
Beg more

Stars host
Rib roast
Wits feast
Fools fleeced
When dine
Punch Line
Gaffs snag
Last gag

Terse Verse: Scratch Off

Scratch Off

Leash hold
Pets bold
Bark brave
Rant rave
Loud noise
Tough poise
Words say
Sit stay

Some itch
Flee hitch
They ache
Spring break
Turn tail
Hit trail
Next dawn
Dog gone

Terse Verse: Self Taut

Self Taunt

Those stressed
Bomb test
Bad days
Walk dazed
Need break
Cure shake
Stop shout
Chill out

Guts tied
Can't hide
Must sit
Cool it
This cold
Morphs old
Makes hots
What knots

Terse Verse: Take Charge

Take Charge

Banks shout
Cash out
Use card
Less hard
Pay day
Far way
Here's how
Switch now

When shop
Quick stop
All's fine
Just sign
Mail run
Bills stun
In hock
Shill shock

Terse Verse: What Gives

What Gives

Hear yea
Pledge plea
Drives tout
Give out
Mails phone
Same tone
Push spin
Give in

Sales surge
Beg urge
Share loot
Give hoot
Stress quilt
Till wilt
Shove cup
Give up

Terse Verse: Bad Guise

Bad Guise

See how
Soon know
Black hats
Are rats
Old plots
Fights shots
Hit run
Still fun

First reel
Crooks steal
Comes gore
Crimes score
Knight comes
Beats bums
Love scam
Films scam

Terse Verse: Cats Fat

Cats Fat

By some
Called bum
Sleeps play
All day
"Neath skin
Soon kin
Says blog
Top dog

If itch
Strike rich
Odds long
Bet strong
Right pick
Lott tick
Life soft
Scratch off

Terse Verse: Chick Flix

Chick Flix

Ads vie
Films try
Bring gals
Their pals
From hatch
Pay scratch
Shows shock
They flock

Best kind
They find
Soap plots
Scenes hot
Some howl
Love fowl
Men group
Fly coop

Terse Verse: Just So

Just so

Bad days
Crime pays
Werid rules
Let fools
Off hook
Shield crook
They flee
Guilt free

Rich too
Sail through
Puff pout
Soon out
Laws err
Hot air
Poor sag
Hold bag

Terse Verse: Up Braid

Up Braid

Top news
Big dos
As stars
Go far
Loves change
Looks strange
Find fame
Head game

Their form
Scorns norm
Seek raves
Shock waves
Hot cool
Fans rule
Wild reigns
Hair brains

Terse Verse: Blog Jam

Blog Jam

Strange scenes
Plague screens
Fools dance
Pets prance
Weird rubes
Flood tumes
Their plea
Watch me

Eyes hook
Laugh look
Brief views
Short fuse
Quick con
Fast gone
Gross game
Net fame


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