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Terse Verses: A Collection of Howes Haiku Volumes 1-10
A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume II

Terse Verse: Favorites

Favorite Terse Verse, in one topic!

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Terse Verse: Sit Calms

Sit Calms

When stress
Starts press
Soothe woes
View shows
Where tale
Stays pale
Sweet ends
All friends

These breaks
Cure aches
Same plots
Link dots
Ease pains
Leave brains
Minds mend
Wits end

Terse Verse: Wild Card

Wild Card

Life's deal
Raw real
Each day
Act play
Eye scans
Plot plans
Slow quick
Count trick

Bluffs twists
Clench fists
Good hand
Turns bland
Last call
Bet all
Man bumps
God trumps

Terse Verse: Wise Cracks

Wise Cracks

Earth quakes
Land shakes
Sounds deep
Wake sleep
Shocks rise
Cloud skies
Cold chill
Time still

Try smile
Fears pile
Wide eyes
Must hide
Can't halt
World's fault
Think fast
Laugh last

Terse Verse: Heads Up

Heads Up

Look down
Coin found
This clue
Hooks you
Means luck
Has struck
Real wish
Catch fish

So kneel
Quick feel
Prize looms
Face blooms
Hopes high
Then sigh
Why glum?
Dad gum

Terse Verse: Pay Dirt

Pay Dirt

Fan mags
Oft rags
Snap pix
Sly tricks
They pry
You buy
New tells
Sin sells

Neath earth
Much worth
Rake muck
Gold struck
Flesh pots
Were hot
World's ways
Grime pays

Terse Verse: Choice Cuts

Choice Cuts

Long run
Less fun
Some wait
Trust fate
They find
Slow grind
Take grief
Don't beef

Those keen
Choose lean
Don't swew
Quick do
Dash fleet
Win meat
Right breaks
Prime steaks

Terse Verse: Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Shoe piles
Al styles
Need pair
To wear
When done
Have one
Hunt wait
Find mate

Can't catch
Make match
Odd fly
Reach sky
Stray far
Near star
Black holes
Lost soles

Terse Verse: Tap Dunce

Tap Dunce

Hey feet
Look sweet
Be deft
Not left
Flair arms
Tout charms
Make mate
Look great

No wins
Klutz spins
Sad moves
Miss grooves
Steps slip
Shoes trip
No cup
Jigs up

Terse Verse: Twin Peeks

Twin Peeks

Socks do
Play boo
Wash dry
One shy
First eyed
Two hide
No fun
When done

Next day
Seek stray
Breathe pause
Lost cause
Hope pray
Can say
There deuce
Foot loose

Terse Verse: Well Versed

Well Versed

How brow
Praise now
Poems blank
Words rank
Free style
Rants vile
No song
Is wrong

Prudes plead
Slow speed
Their test
Old best
Sweet rhyme
Keep time
More sense
Past tense

Terse Verse: Non Plus

Non Plus

Math whiz
Ace quiz
They dig
Calc trig
Know how
Score wow
Minds quick
Fast click

My skill
Proves nil
Not blessed
Like rest
Test books
Blank looks
Tongue tied
PI eyed

Terse Verse: Tongue Wags

Tongue Wags

Frank tales
Top sales
Write trash
Gross cash
Tell alls
Fights brawls
Slice smut
Cold cut

Friends rue
Your coup
Their beef
In brief
Wish they
First say
Were first
Knock worst

Terse Verse: Clock Work

Clock Work

Tick tock
Crows cock
Day dawns
Rise pawns
Must move
Find groove
Drink cup
Wind up

Days end
Home wend
Find place
Soothe face
Time grinds
Wears minds
Woes drown
Wind down

Terse Verse: Dumb Down

Dumb Down

Self sees
Two Mes
One side
Boasts pride
Thoughts wise
No guise
Words sound
Pro found

View two
Me too
No airs
Oft errs
Faults hid
Off grid
Neath ground
Con found


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