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Terse Verses: A Collection of Howes Haiku Volumes 1-10
A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verses: Volume II: Topics

Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume II

Terse Verse: Politics

Terse Verse on the subject of politics.

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Terse Verse: Bye Laws

Bye Laws

Bad rules
Bind fools
Blind trust
A must
Once ink
Don't think
First heard
Last word

Hope brave
Can save
Those wise
Will rise
Stop craze
Mule ways
Reign hence
Horse sense

Terse Verse: Poll Ticks

Poll Ticks

Vote time
Hopes climb
Loud voice
Chimes choice
Tight race
Keep pace
Count hours
Taste powers

Chart trends
Watch friends
Hands spin
Counts in
Last click
First pick!
Room rocks
Cleaned clocks

Terse Verse: Reign Checks

Reign Checks

Realms flow
Kings go
Guile game
Stays same
Crowds cheer
Then jeer
Seek knights
End fight

Pawns shift
Crowns drift
Home rules
Rook fools/br> Queens play
Odds sway
Last state
Checks mate

Terse Verse: Faux Pause

Faux Pause

Vain boast
Brag most
Proud claims
Drop names
Buy fake
Then make
Big tweet
Deals sweet

Friends tell
Sham sell
Their talk
Ends squawk
Was rooked
Goose cooked
Ends show
Eats crow

Terse Verse: Real Deal

Real Deal

All in
None win
That's nub
Join club
Have chair
All's fair
Till mound
Die mound

Game on
Soon gone
Full deck
Bet check
Best part
Take heart
Get paid
In spade

Terse Verse: Pay Daze

Pay Daze

Schools teach
Profs preach
Rave rant
Lib slant
Spin scores
Class wars
Grads learn
Left turn

Job numbs
They stare
Tax share
Soon find
Change mind
See light
Turn right


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Terse Verse: Bye Laws
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Terse Verse: Poll Ticks
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Terse Verse: Reign Checks
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Terse Verse: Faux Pause
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Terse Verse: Real Deal
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Terse Verse: Pay Daze
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