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Terse Verses: A Collection of Howes Haiku Volumes 1-10
A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verses: Volume II: Topics

Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume II

Terse Verse: Diet

Terse Verse on the subject of diet.excercise, and food fads.

Terse Verse: Fit Fits

Fit Fits

My size
No prize
Waist grows
Past clothes
Suck in
Friends grin
If squeeze
All tease

Next phase
Change weights
Pride learns
Stem sterns
End gape
Shift shape

Must charge
Buy large

Terse Verse: Bum Wraps

Bum Wraps

Ads tout
Those stout
Lose flaps
Boast abs

Hopes high
Must try
Thin yen
Goal ten

Work buns
Brief runs
Yet pounds
Stay rounds

Friends chaff
Smug laugh
Slow pokes
Butt jokes

Terse Verse: Biz Buzz

Biz Buzz

Men meet
Chat greet
Eyes lock
Fists knock
Then food
Sets mood
Talk shop
Non stop

These meals
Do deals
Words hum
Near numb
Drone on
Wax strong
Wins see
King bee

Terse Verse: Fowl Fare

Fowl Fare

Eggs break
Boil bake
Hens die
Then fry
Their clan
Feeds man
Chick crew
Will do

Cows steers
Give cheers

In brief
Skip beef
Their feat
No meat
Plate full
No bull

Terse Verse: Prime Ate

Prime Ate

Some eat
Not meat
Their mood
Health food
Grains fruits
Plants roots
Praise fresh
Pound flesh

Top yield
From field
Crops pure
Help cure
Choice meal
Square deal

Red no
Green go

Terse Verse: Pro Fit

Pro Fit

Slick ads
Plug fads
Stars flex
Boast pecs
Gals gape
Abs shape
Watch jock
Shake shock

You stretch
Gut wretch
And form
Stays norm
Sports pitch
Strikes rich

Most plea
Poor me

Terse Verse: Works Out

Works Out

Strong vow
Rest now
Kicks done
Race run
Scales stay
Same weigh
Tired tale
Ends trail

Look back
Right track
Young smart
Strong start

If wait
Too late
Old strain
Miss train

Terse Verse: Good Thymes

Good Thymes

Meals plain
Seem same
Old mood
Blah food
Low key
Pain free
Tastes balm
Life calm

Brave few
Try new
Spice step
Adds pep
Feast best
With zest
Blands go
Gusts ho

Terse Verse: Sir Plus

Sir Plus

When stout
Is out
And thin
Is in
More form
Less norm
Then pride
Must hide

In vain
Fight pain
Push jab
Suck flab
Tight belt
Makes svelt
Try staunch
Pull paunch

Terse Verse: Yo Yo

Yo Yo

Wake up
Shake up

Toe down
Go down

Tush up
Push up

Bear down
Wear down

Up light
Up tight

Down eats
Down sweets

Up pounds
Up rounds

Down lasts
Down casts

Terse Verse: Abs Track

Abs Track

Keep fit
Teeth grit
Vow goal
Lose roll
Shed fat
Till flat
Make haste
Shrink waist

Pros tout
Work out
Learn lift
Don't drift
Pump prime
Crunch time
Bod hot
Know squat

Haiku Intro

Clue One : TV
Clue two: Trs Vrs
Answer: Terse Verse

People love riddles
They feel good once they learn the solution
They feel even better when they can solve them by themselves
That "Got It" moment is priceless

People love simplicity
Shorter means sweeter
Purging unnecessary details leads to efficiency
Be brief - Be sharp - Make the point

People love humor
Jokes linger as speeches fade
Twists, turns and twitter bring laughter to the human comedy
Memories treasured are often found is small everyday happenings

Here for your reading pleasure is Terse Verse
Poems of 32 short words in 16 rhyming lines
Observations of everyday life
Written for nurturing your smiles - Pun my word

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