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Terse Verses: A Collection of Howes Haiku Volumes 1-10
A collection of hundreds of Haiku

Terse Verses: Volume II: Topics

Thomas Howes: Haiku
Volume II

Terse Verse: Human Relationships

Terse Verse on the subject of human relationships.

Terse Verse: Human Relationships

Terse Verse: Out Takes

Out Takes

Her wish
Fine dish
Dress up
Out sup
There dine
Fine wine
Top drawer
Gold door

But he
Thought "ME"
His mood
Fast food
Down hill
Went Thrill
End fate
Got gate

Terse Verse: Pen Pals

Pen Pals

Men bless
Cave mess
Dawn 'lvn
Hog 'evn
Sty stays
All days
No fuss
Leave muss

Wives mope
Try cope
But neat
Tough feat
His style
Food pile
Gorge shout
Pig out

Terse Verse: Puff Poof

Puff Poof

Word's out
Brass shout
Hypes high
New guy
Fast track
More jack
Team grim
Doubts him

Big shot
He's not
"Neath hat
Just fat
His blimp
Soon limp
Fair hair
Hot air

Terse Verse: Toil Road

Toil Road

Free ways
Cars blaze
Fast lane
Sparks pain
Wives shout
Watch out
She frets
He sweats

His swerves
Test nerves
Her frown
Slow down
End trip
Lose grip
Car tired
Both wired

Terse Verse: What's Up

What's Up

Mom earth
Gives birth
Ice stops
Bud pops
Bulbs peek
Babes sqeek
World green

Saps surge
Old urge
All men
Feel yen
They do
Rise too
Stay king
Guy thing

Terse Verse: Take Outs

Take Outs

Clocks chime
Meal time
She cooks
He looks
When tires
Same fires
Wants change
Home range

Gets wish
Served dish
Best scene
They clean
At end
Must spend
Done sup
Fork up

Terse Verse: Hit Run

Hit Run

Some fights
Base rights
Old school
Slugs rule
Where teams
Blow steam
Weak wrong
Smart strong

To last
Swat fast
Words spike
Quick strike
One shot
Quick trot
No err
Foul fair

Terse Verse: Split Ends

Split Ends

Friends dine
Food wine
Share meals
Talk deals
Comes bill
Their drill
Smile laugh
Pay half

Turns out
Those stout
Oft choose
Prime booze
Now wise
Check size
Stop touch
Go Dutch

Terse Verse: Quick Steps

Quick Steps

Born Wean
Tot Teen
School Grad
Wed Dad
Work Rounds
Ups Downs
Wife Bails
Hope Flails

Sweet Fate
New Mate
Wounds Mend
Jobs End
Songs Fade
Dues Paid
Last Beat
Six Feet

Terse Verse: Night Lite

Nite Lite

New borns
Wake mourns
Their cries
Light skies
Each peep
Kills sleep
Hearts pound
Screams sounds

Mom dad
Both glad
When shrill
Turns still
Queen's nest
Praise rest
Thank lord
Lost chord

Terse Verse: Check Mate

Check Mate

Who'll be
For me
Best wife
All life
Good friends
Nice blends
Starts fun
Move one

But when
Lags yen
Bored game
Slow same
Must split
That's it
Bad patch
Ends match

Terse Verse: Line Up

Line Up

Round pool
Young drool
Fish eyes
Hunt prize
Girls set
Drop net
Smiles looks
Cast hooks

Who'll tame
Wild game
All wait
As bait
Play loose
She's noose
Clothes taut
He's caught

Terse Verse: Butt Heads

Butt Heads

Who's right?
Starts fight
Jut chin
Butt in
First tells
Then yells
Both shout
Butt out

Fool's prides
Take sides
One cool
Names mule
Who walks
Boasts talks
Loves gloat
Gets goat

Terse Verse: Stale Mates

Stale Mates

One wed
Each dred
Talks drift
Life Shift
Meals bland
Food canned
Time bare
Oft stare

Takes two
Keep new
Old years
Shift gears
Elase sit
Rock knit
Mute friends
Dead ends

Terse Verse: Fee Lines

Fee Lines

That pet
You get
Once waif
Now safe
Swift lure
Sweet purr
Loves awe
Soft paw

Start ditch
Rags rich
They rule
Act cool
Best perk
Don't work
Prize catch
From scratch

Terse Verse: Heir Cut

Heir Cut

Read wills
Tears thrills
Good splits
Score hits
Smiles round
None frown
Those kin
They're in

But some
Feel bums
They boo
May sue
If case
Off base
Laws shout
They're out

Terse Verse: Bar Code

Bar Code

Ends day
Starts play
Friends meet
Drink treat
Old pals
New gals
Rules done
Have fun

Beer busts
Prime lusts
When wed
Have fled
Creeps flit
Hope hit
Pitch falls
Pub crawls


Terse Verse: Bull's Eye

Bull's Eye

Cows wink
Males blink
Same Shtick
Quick trick
His half
For calf
Good Mooed
For dude

Love not
Big shot
Must do
One two
Serve spark
Hits mark
Proves stud
No dud

Terse Verse: Eye Cues

Eye Cues

Guys wise
Watch eyes
From blink
To wink
Each view
Gives clue
Quick glance
Means chance

Good looks
Great hooks
High brows
Win wows
Whip lash
Adds dash
Wed views
Eye dos

Terse Verse: Face off

Face Off

When gone
Swan song
Who writes
Claims rights
Picks facts
Spin acts
Slap dash
Grubs cash

They paint
Truth faint
Tout stains
Sale gains
Their views
Part trues
Friends see
Taint me

Terse Verse: Loan Range

Loan Range

Dear friend
Asks lend
Needs now
Makes vow
Pay back
No flak
Act rash
"Here's cash"

Once grant
Cans can't
Won't pay
Goes way
Past due
Must sue
"Twas steal
Dun deal

Terse Verse: Tag Line

Tag Line

Touch go
Fast slow
Hands flair
Grab air
Each time
That I'm
Near thee
You flee

Love's game
Much same
See blush
Make rush
Ends chase
Wins race
To wit
You're it


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