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John C. Bogle
Howard Hughes, Swashbuckler
Quakers: All Alike, All Different (2)
Manual for Philadelphia Reflections
Non-Quakers in the Quaker Era
Housekeeping (Housekeeping)
Personal Reminiscences
Proposal: National Stock Indexes Gradually Replacing Inflation Monitoring
Mary Stuart Blakely Fisher MD 1922-2006
State of Delaware
Stuart Banyar Blakely MD 1950
Philad.Delegation to PaMedSoc
George Ross Fisher III M.D. : Memoirs
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Recent Abandonment of Metallic Monetary Standards
Chapter Other Quaker Institute.
Chapter Quaker Religion
Chapter Interest Quaker Characters
Chapter Quaker and Buisness
Chapter on Peace Testimony
Chapter on Government
Chapter on Quaker Values in Action.
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Dr. Blakely on Obstetrics, 1933
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Right Angle Club, 2018
International Monetary Crashes
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Trips: Around the World
Mary Stuart Blakely Fisher, 1922-2006 MD Photos
George Ross Fisher III M.D. Family Photos
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RAC Website
Margaret Schwittay Fisher
Airports, Airlines and Politics
Miscellaneous Family Photos
Consolidated Health Reform
Miriam Edith Fisher Schaefer
Stuart Blakely Fisher Ph.D Photos
International Law
Margaret E. Fisher's M.D. Family
George IV Family Photos
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Tax Deductibility of Employer-based Health Insurance
The Pennamite Wars
...Tax and Monetary Issues in the Constitution, Others (2)
B. Franklin (2)
Newly Created Topic for Volume 97 (favorites)
Battle of Yorktown
Terse Verse: A Collection of American Haiku
Terse Verse: Animals
Terse Verse: Adventures in Society (Pt.2)
Terse Verse: Human Relationships (2)
Terse Verse: Old Age and Death
Terse Verse: Collector of Items.
Terse Verse: Art and Literature
Terse Verse: Events
Terse Verse: Weather and Season
Terse Verse: Gambling
Terse Verse: Fashion
Terse Verse: Health and Insurance
Terse Verse: Growing Up
Terse Verse: Wall Street.
Terse Verse Vol. I
Abe Rosenthal
A Year on Chestnut Hill
Medicare: Begins, Not Ends, Reform
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A Minor Politician
Achievement Awards: Franklin Institute
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Pharmaceutical Drug Prices
The French Revolution
The American Revolution
Radicals and Reactions
The Thirty Years War
Nomads and Animal Herding
A New Currency? Equity Savings Accounts.
British Museum
Battle of Fort Miflin
Taxes, Corporations
Philadelphia Reflections (6)
Philadelphia People
Philadelphia Places
Richard Nixon
Right Angle Club 2017
.American and European Unions, Compared(2)
George and Computers(2)
George IV and Computers(1)
Confronting Obamacare: Health Savings Accounts
Replacing Obamacare: Health Savings Account
Health Savings Accounts: Replacing Affordable Care Act?
Terse Verses
Quakers and Government
Quaker Gardens
Quaker Theology
Quaker Business
Quaker Peace Testimony
Where Quakers Lived.: Delaware
Quaker Values and Service
Slavery and Quakerism
Some Pages for a Book on HSA
Front Stuff: Health Savings Accounts: Steps To Lifetime Health Insurance
Miscellaneous Personal
Paying for Children's Health Care
Where Quakers Lived.Pennsylvania
Right Angle Club: Pyramid Club 6/8/2015
Terse Verse: Haiku by Tom Howes
Co-ordinating Obamacare With Health Savings Accounts
Pearls on a String:Further Extending Health (and Retirement) Savings Accounts
Start Younger, Save Longer, and Do It Yourself: Health Savings (and Retirement) Accounts
Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (10)
Future Directions for Health Savings Accounts
Lifetime Healthcare and Retirement Accounts (Future HSAs)
Introduction: Surviving Health Costs to Retire: Health (and Retirement) Savings Accounts
Right Angle Club Annual Reports
Undesignated Short Summaries
Apologia Pro Vita Sua
Health (and Retirement) Savings Accounts: Steps To Lifelong Health Insurance
Right Angle Club: 2016
Where Quakers Lived: New Jersey
(3) Obamacare: Speeches
Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (9)
N-HSA: The New Health Savings Accounts
Health Savings Accounts: Classical Model
FRONT STUFF: Health Savings Account: Second Edition, Greater Savings
Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (8)
(2) Obamacare: Spare Parts for a Book
Healthcare Reform: Looking Ahead (2)
Passive Investing
SECTION FOUR: New Health Savings Accounts
SECTION SIX: Condensed Summaries
SECTION FIVE: Multi-Year, the Future of HSA
Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (7)
FRONT STUFF: Health Savings Accounts: Planning for Prosperity; SECTION ONE: HSA and its Competitor, in Brief
Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (6)
SECTION TWO: Hidden Economics of Healthcare
Terse Verse: Sports and Games
Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (5)
Terse Verse: Adventures in Society
Terse Verse: Favorites
Terse Verse: Aging
Terse Verse: Politics
Terse Verse: Diet
Terse Verse: Human Relationships
Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (4)
Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (3)
Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (2)
Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (1)
Drexel University
Chestnut Hill
LaSalle University
Right Angle Club: 2015
Healthcare Reform:Saving For a Rainy Day
Pets in Philadelphia
SECTION THREE: Classical Health Savings Accounts: Many Surprises
Decline and Fall of Philadelphia
(Front Stuff for Health Savings Accounts: Second Edition) George Ross Fisher, M. D.
Health Savings Accounts, Regular, and Lifetime
Philadelphia Politics (2)
Philadelphia's Fourth Century: Revival or Relapse?
(1) Obamacare: Spare Parts for a Book
Albany Conference 1745
The European Union
United States Constitution
CSA: The Confederate States of America
Confederate States of America: Constitution
Creating the European Union: Forces and Factors
Right Angle Club: 2014
Progressive Movement
Fisher on Running For Office
Philadelphia's Gilded Age
Subcultures (2)
Reflections on Impending Obamacare
Medical Economics (2)
City Hall to Chestnut Hill
City of Rivers and Rivulets (2)
Banking Panic 2007-2009 (2)
Popular Passages
On Writing History
Right Angle Club: 2013
George (3)
America's First Great Depression (1837)
Great Depression (1929-1939)
Philadelphia Reflections Utilities
Early Quakers in Philadelphia
Confederation Congress, 1781-1789
...Pending and Later Amendments
...Potential New Constitutional Amendments
Philadelphia Before the English Settlement
Chronological Philadelphia
...Authorship of the Constitution
...Pre-Convention Events
...Trying Out the New Constitution
Declaration of Independence
..Constitution and Court
.American and European Unions, Compared(1)
..Tax and Fiscal Issues in the Constitution, Morris (1)
Unwritten Constitutional Modification
...Ratification, Bill of Rights and Other Amendments
Improving Our Political System
American Finance After Robert Morris
Academia (2)
Descendants of Anthony Morris, 1654-1721
Right Angle Club 2012
Central Pennsylvania
British Abandon Philadelphia, Morris Takes It Back
Thinking About Thought
Favorites - II
Controlling the Currency
Why Bother Investing?
Robert Morris: The Dark Side
Robert Morris and America
Robert Morris: Think Big
Ross and Perry, Inc. Publishers
Ethnic Subcultures
Philadelphia Economics (3)
Philadelphia Economics (2)
Favorites Podcasts
French Philadelphia
Natural Science
Right Angle Club 2011
Notable and Quotable
Pictures in the Library
German Immigrants via New York
Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Suburban Philadelphia
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Chester County, Pennsylvania
Litchfield to Wilkes Barre, Today
Escape Path of the Philadelphia Tories
Military Philadelphia
Personal Passions
Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Gardens Flowers and Horticulture
Education in Philadelphia
City of Homes
Charter of Pennsylvania, from Charles II to William Penn
Philadelphia Women
Right Angle Club 2010
George Washington in Philadelphia
Philadelphia Legal
Obamacare: Examination and Response
Obamacare Follies, Executive Summary
Customs, Culture and Traditions (2)
Legal Philadelphia (1)
Old Age, Re-designed
Federalism Slowly Conquers the States
Pre-Revolutionary Philadelphia
Philadelphia Medicine (2)
Medical Club of Philadelphia
In Memoriam
Right Angle Club 2009
Whither, Federal Reserve? (2)After Our Crash
Shaping the Constitution in Philadelphia
Right Angle Club 2008
Philadelphia Changes the Nature of Money
The Philadelphia Media
Bystanders to the Revolution
FRONT MATERIAL: Deaths of the Shah
Revisionist Themes
Academia, Medical Version
Railroad Town
Pacifist Pennsylvania, Invaded Many Times
Banking Panic 2007-2009 (1)
Shakspere Society of Philadelphia
Financial Planning for a Long Retirement
Government Organization
Foreign Affairs
Albert Gallatin
Health Insurance
Dislocations: Financial and Fundamental
Montgomery and Bucks Counties
New Jersey (State of)
Clinton Health Plan of 1993 - Part Two
Clinton Health Plan of 1993 - Part One
Nobel Prizes
Favorite Reflections
Sixth and Walnut over to Broad and Sansom
Up Market Street to Sixth and Walnut
Arch Street: from Sixth to Second
Up the King's High Way
The Main Line
Touring Philadelphia's Western Regions
Tourist Trips Around Philadelphia and the Quaker Colonies
Land Tour Around Delaware Bay
Historical Motor Excursion North of Philadelphia
Tourist Walk in Olde Philadelphia
Right Angle Club 2007
Architecture in Philadelphia
Personal Finance
Causes of the American Revolution
Revolutionary Philadelphia's Patriots
Revolutionary Philadelphia's Loyalists
Black Philadelphia
Website Development
Nature Preservation
Literary Philadelphia
Conventions and Convention Centers
Philadelphia Economics
Academia in the Philadelphia Region
..The Constitution
Food and Drink in Philadelphia
Evolving Philadelphia
Insurance in Philadelphia
Computers, Digital Cameras, and Cellphones
Customs, Culture and Traditions
Sights to See: The Outer Ring
Philadelphia's Middle Urban Ring
The Proprietorship of West Jersey
Quakers: All Alike, All Different
Fanny Kemble
City of Rivers and Rivulets
Particular Sights to See:Center City
Connecticut Invades Pennsylvania!
Medical Economics
Historical Preservation
Whither, Federal Reserve? (1) Before Our Crash
Investing, Philadelphia Style
Quakers: William Penn
The British Attack Philadelphia
Quakers: The Society of Friends
Philadelphia Fish and Fishing
Japan and Philadelphia
Custom Tour of Private Philadelphia
Colonial Philadelphia
Sporting Philadelphia
Benjamin Franklin
Philadelphia, A Running Commentary
Philadelphia's River Region
West of Broad
Outlaws: Crime in Philadelphia
The Park and Beyond: East Falls, Germantown, Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill
North of Market
Franklin Inn Club
Delaware (State of)
To Germantown, a Short Appreciation
Medical Malpractice
Philadelphia Medicine
Philadelphia Physicians
Religious Philadelphia
Philadelphia Politics
Art in Philadelphia
Musical Philadelphia
Theatre in Philadelphia
Articles of Confederation
Philadelphia Legal Scene

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