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Terse Verse: C. Thomas Howes (1)
Poetry is a form of literature that uses imaginative and creative words in a compressed form to express ideas.

High Queue (AKA: Terse Verse) C. Thomas Howes Intro.

As requested here is a draft for your consideration:

Once a-pun a time, the story begins on a winter day in Syracuse, New York. There Tom Howes was born, raised and educated through his college years. Then, after a sudden summer thaw, a business career took him on to Texas, California, Missouri, Maryland, and Delaware until he settled in Pennsylvania. Accounting, auditing and management were his passport to various companies, many of which no longer exist. He assures us that they were all solvent, at the time he left them.

Now retired, he and his wife Ruth are kept busy keeping up with their six children, ten grandchildren and seven (soon to be eight) great grandchildren. Other pursuits include travel, gardening and Church activities. Tom feels it is a joy and privilege to share with others the richness and absurdities of the English language as together we travel in pursuit of laughter and happiness.

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