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Right Angle Club: 2015
The tenth year of this annal, the ninety-third for the club. Because its author spent much of the past year on health economics, a summary of this topic takes up a third of this volume. The 1980 book now sells on Amazon for three times its original price, so be warned.

The Right Angle President Letter: Carter Broach

Carter Broach

Clearly, the most momentous event in the 93rd year of the Right Angle Club's existence was the Board of Control's decision to relocate our weekly lunches to The Pyramid Club on the top of the BNY Mellon Bank Center. Reluctantly, we left our home of many years, The Racquet Club, to restore the quality & variety of the lunch menu at an affordable price that members expect.

Anticipating our 100th anniversary, the Board established a Centennial Fund to which members may donate funds voluntarily for the celebration of this event.

I want to thank the officers & board members-at-large for their service to the club. Dan Sossaman, II served as Events Chair, Wayne Strasbaugh was Membership Chair, John Coates was in charge of the Raffle, Mel Buckman served as Recording Secretary & Tom Williams was Treasurer. Frank Bell, Steve Bennett, Stephen Clowery, Bob Hoover, Morris Klein & Ted Laws were the Boards' Members-at-Large.

I especially appreciate the tremendous job Chad Bardone did as Speaker Chair. By common consent, the Speaker Chair is the most demanding position in the club. He recruits speakers for about 75% of the lunches in a year, hosts the speakers at our lunches, takes care of the speakers' audio-visual equipment needs & introduces speakers to the club. Chad never failed to deliver.

While officers and Board members serve limited terms, our Treasurer, Tom Williams, continues ad infinitum. He is the financial guru who invoices members for dues, collects & deposits their payments, pays the club's bills, prepares monthly income statements & balance sheets for Board review &, critically, prepares the annual budget (which determines the amount of members' quarterly dues). He has ALWAYS been responsive & thorough in the performance of those duties.

Bob Hoover, Member-at-Large, put his Information Technology background to work by maintaining the club's laptop computer—used by speakers for their presentations—&, with the help of his wife, Karen, prepared a Facebook page for the club.

The most challenging activity for the year was attracting & retaining members. 2015 saw the resignation of 10 members but only the acquisition of 2 new members (as well as 2 associate members). Some efforts to address this situation were taken: Wayne Strasbaugh from a membership committee & John White prepared a new membership brochure to take advantage of our new venue for lunches. But, 2016 will have to be a year of an aggressive drive for expanding our rolls.

Finally, I want to thank George Fisher for producing this annual publication & John White for producing the President's dinner program. These members continue to give the club their time, talent & treasure.

Carter Broach


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