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Using XML to Retrieve Financial Data
It's often desirable to get live financial data and everyone knows. XML is the thing to use but actually writing programs that work takes a bit of trouble. Plus, once you've got the data you need to display it.

Get Historical Stock Data in PHP (single date; from Yahoo Finance)

This PHP function returns data for a stock on a single specific date, using Yahoo Finance's CSV data.

I use file_get_contents; some servers will force you to use CURL.

// Takes in a symbol and a date;
// returns the Yahoo Finance Historical data for that single date
// If there's no data, the array is empty.

$quote = YahooHistoricalStockQuote("VTI", strtotime("2009-09-11"));

    [Open] => 53.14
    [High] => 53.32
    [Low] => 52.80
    [Close] => 53.08
    [Volume] => 1291300
    [Adj Close] => 49.43


function YahooHistoricalStockQuote($Symbol, $QuoteDate)
  $month = date("m", $QuoteDate)-1; $day = date("d", $QuoteDate); $year = date("Y", $QuoteDate);

  $url = "$Symbol&a=$month&b=$day&c=$year&d=$month&e=$day&f=$year&g=d&ignore=.csv";

  $return_data = @file_get_contents($url);
  $parts       = explode(",", $return_data);

  $data['Open']      = $parts[7];
  $data['High']      = $parts[8];
  $data['Low']       = $parts[9];
  $data['Close']     = $parts[10];
  $data['Volume']    = $parts[11];
  $data['Adj Close'] = $parts[12];

  return $data;

My thanks to Encode / Decode HTML Entities


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