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Articles of Confederation
The Articles of Confederation were initially written by John Dickinson, but modified by others. Even though officially unratified for five years, the country was more or less ruled under them in Philadelphia, for thirteen years. We learned many lessons during that episode, but begin to forget we learned them.

Confederation Congress, 1781-1789
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Attendees of the Confederation Congress (1781 - 1789)

{Samuel Adams}
Samuel Adams
{Thomas Adams}
Thomas Adams
{John Banister}
John Banister
{Josiah Bartlett}
Josiah Bartlett
{Daniel Carroll}
Daniel Carroll
{William Clingan}
William Clingan
{Francis Danna}
Francis Danna
{John Dickinson}
John Dickinson
William Henry Drayton
James Duane
William Duer
William Ellery
{Elbridge Gerry}
Elbridge Gerry
{John Hancock}
John Hancock
{John Hanson}
John Hanson
{John Harviec}
John Harviec
Thomas Heyward Jr.
Samuel Huntington
Richard Hutson
{Edward Langworthy}
Edward Langworthy
{Henry Laurens}
Henry Laurens
{Francis Lightfoot Lee}
Francis Lightfoot Lee
Richard Henry Lee
{Francis Lewis}
Francis Lewis
{Henry Marchant}
Henry Marchant
John Mathews
{Gouverneur Morris}
Gouverneur Morris
Robert Morris
{John Penn}
John Penn
Joseph Reed
{Daniel Roberdeau}
Daniel Roberdeau
Roger Sherman
Jonathan Bayard Smith
{Nicholas Van Dyke}
Nicholas Van Dyke
{George Walton}
George Walton
John Witherspoon
Oliver Wolcott


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