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John Bogle, who founded Vanguard and revolutionized retirement savings, dies at 89
Letter: Pennsylvania Medical Society May 15, 1983
Inside the Star Factory
World War I's Only True Winner
Letter to Matthew Marshall, M.D., Re: Medical Data Resource Corporation.
Letter to E. Langdon Burwell, M.D.
Letter to Matthew Marshall, M.D. Re: Medical Data Resource Corporation.
The Right Angle President's Letter 2018
Essentials of An Integrated PSRO Data System. January, 1976
Letter from William F.S. Orner, Jr: 1985 Washington Visitation
Letter from Charles Heisterkamp Hogg and Heisterkamp Surgical Associates.
Letter from John C. Berry Department Health and Human Services.
Letter to Carolyne Davis, PhD from Pennsylvania Medical Society.
Council on Medical Economics Subcommittee on Computer Application. July 10, 1985
Letter to William Orner Re: Measuring the objective of the Council of Medical Economics.
Letter to John Rineman: Re: Billing on behalf of physicians.
Through the Council of Medical Economics the Society organize a for-profit subsidiary to perform billing services for members.
Let's Chat About Foundations: George Ross Fisher, M.D.
Letter from W. T. Prescott, Jr.
Impact of Financing on Medical Technology. Pennsylvania Medicine July 1983
HOW TO ADVERT THE MEDICARE CRISIS: Stopped by Heritage is this your hoist proposal?
Money as Political Speech
Why not Medical IRAs?
Letter: Charles Heisterkamp, M.D. Chairman Re: The Charge to the Subcommittee.
Review: Donald R. Cohodes, Brian M. Kinkead Hospital Capital Formation in the 1980s. The Johns Hopkins University Press,
Miriam Viola Brothers Blakely
Collections Column on first Utility Page
First Utility Page: Chapters Column
Scheme of Blogs
Letter Gordon K. MacLeod Re: Some Proposals for PMS to Use Money as a Measure.
A Physician's Prescription for Managing Costs
Manual: Blogs
Letter: Dan Rostenkowski Chairman, Committee on Ways and Means Re: Using Health Insurance to Increase the Nation's Savings
Who Needs Hospitals? : Examining the Need for Change of Role.
Letter Timothy J. Michals, M.D. Re: Federal Funding for Pennsylvania Indigent Health Care.
February 12, 1987: Electronic Claim Submission
Letter to Fortney P. Stark Chairman Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Ways and Means
Miriam's Suggestion
Letter to Robert B. Edmiston MD, Vice President Pennsylvania Blue Shield: Re: EOB
Mid-term Election, 2018
Proposals for Reform of Health Care Financing: Trimming Fat Makes Better Insurance Affordable.
Proposals for Reform of Health Care Financing: Acknowledgements.
George Schaefer:
Letter Re: Capita Health Spending and Per Capita GDP
Jottings: Re: AMA
The Chicago Quartet: Volume Three: Who Needs Hospitals?: Examining the Need for Change of Role
FOUR PRESCRIPTIONS: Proposals For Reform of Health Care Financing II Last-Year-of Life
WHO NEEDS HOSPITALS? : Examining the Need for Change of Role
Letter to Catherine S. Smith: The Medical Marketplace, Incentives vs. Controls
Overhead Payments for Procedures in Physician Offices
COPY of Contemporary Germantown 10/15/18 10:44 pm
COPY of Mary Stuart Blakely Fisher, MD 10/11/18 11:22 pm
Copy of The Godfather 10/11/18 11:09 pm
Robert J. Reinecke 10/11/18 10:53 pm
REPLICATED COPY of Robert J. Reinecke 10/11/18 10:47 pm
REPLICATED COPY of Frederick Mason Jones,Jr. 1919-2009 10/11/18 10:22 pm
What's The AMA all About?
Robert J. Reinecke
COPY of My Years at Stockley
COPY of My Years at Stockley
New blog 2018-10-05 13:58:10
FDR Calling
Help for the Failing Business
Dinner at San Simeon in the Old Days
Phillips Curve
Proposal: Gradually Add Index Funds, Unify European Sovereign Bonds, Expand Swiss BIS I
The EU: Sometimes It's Best Not to have a Choice In a Common Bond Fund
Why Are Some Panics Worse Than Others?
A Stock Market Crash is Coming, But How Soon?
Gold Standard and Index Funds
Nicholson: Lunch with an Old Man
The Campaign Train
The Nature of Peer Review:
Billing Medicare for Office Lab Work (Without Bookeeping Tangles?)
Last Year of Life Insurance
How to Cope with a Trillion Dollars of your own Money.
Paying in Advance is Cheaper
One More Idea, Please
PMS Council on Medical economics Reps Meet with Regan Officials in Washington.
Four Prescriptions: Proposals or Reform of Health care Financing Rx. I: PRE-FUNDED HEALTH INSURANCE
The Philadelphia Delegation to he Pennsylvania Medical Society I
Going Down with All Flags Flying
Collapsing the Codes
My Years at Stockley
Piggybacking Claims and Crossing them over.
Computers and the Regulation of Medicine.
Health Insurance National, and Otherwise
Women Pioneers in Radiology: Mary Stuart Fisher, M.D.
Blue Shield and Blue Cross – What's at stake? III – The city and its bedrooms
Blue Shield and Blue Cross Whats at stake? IV Paying for near charity
Clinton Health Plan: Promises Broken?
Doses of Medicine: A Physician Prescribes Changes for the Health Industry
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New blog 2018-07-19 14:30:33
The Medicine of The Old Testament.
Pain Phenomena in Obstetrics
Outline of essay using Grandpa B's obstetrics articles
Determining the Sex of The Human Fetus in Utero
Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy
Radio Talk Prenatal Carre
Management of the Early and the Mild Late Toxemias of Pregnancy
Superstitions in Obstetrics.
History of Caesarian Section.
The Psychology of Pregnancy
Superstitions about Health and Medicine
The Medical Aspect of Cancer
The Prolongation of Life
New Invention of the Human: Shakspere, and Zuckerberg
Medical Advocate Favors Health-Care Financing Reforms by: Harry Schwartz, PhD May 1983
Terse Verse: Shrink Raps
Terse Verse: Lost Clause
Terse Verse: Groan Up
Terse Verse: Cry Games
erse Verse: Bird Brains
Terse Verse: Bed Lamb
Terse Verse: Bar Flies
Terse Verse: Bald Face
Terse Verse: Bad Guise
Benjamin Franklin Bridge and Delaware River Port Authority.
Haskell, Bob
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Birth control, Ride-Summoning, and States Rights: Science Shakes All Three Levels of Government
A New Definition of Poverty
Bob Gill, M.D.
Bob Reinecke
Admiral of the Ocean Blue
Solutions? : "A Rabble of Dead Money "(2)
Origins, Causes and Mechanisms: (1): "A Rabble of Dead Money"
The Right Angle President Letter: Wayne R. Strasbaugh
Bill Dorsey: Death of a former President
Innate Longevity
Basic Lifetime Health Care?
Force Justifying the Use of Force
New blog 2017-11-16 22:39:05
A Civilian Home From the Sea
Artificial Intelligence
Tax Legislation--Just A Condominium Squabble
St. James Apartment Photos
Instructions for Gas Decontamination Personal.
Michael S. Huckman, M.D.Letter
Letter from Radiology Associates Albert Einstein Medical Center
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University / New York, N.Y Letter
University Hospital of Jacksonville Letter
Temple University Letter: Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation award
Radiology October 2006 In Memoriam
Teacher, Mentor receives Marie Curie Award Decenber 3, 1992
Grasping For the Keys To the Kingdom Last of three parts, By: Eleanor Randolph Washington Post Staff Writer
Survey Asked Of Americas Old Buildings
Quakers and Idolatry
South Africa
Prague, the Elbe,and Berlin (Yale Trip) 1993
Jersey Shore Trip 1996
Tokyo, Japan Trip 1998
Robert J. Gill M.D.
Mary Stuart Blakely Fisher, MD 1922-2006 Photos
George Ross Fisher III M.D. Photos
Abe Rosenthal, Letting Go.
Grandma Photos
Quick Analysis of Financial-Industry
What's Wrong With our Airport?
Miscellaneous Family Photos
Miriam Edith Fisher Schaefer Photos
Martin Feldstein Does It Again: Eliminate Tacit Tax Exemption for 70% of Workers Denied To the Rest
Stuart Blakely Fisher, PhD. Family Photos
Margaret E. Fisher M.D. (Rosenthal) Family Photos
George IV Photos
A Gradual Transition, Not a Steep Step
Supermarket Insurance Exchanges Assist Transition from One-year Term to Lifetime Coverage
HSA: The Cruz Transition Proposal
No Well-Run Hospital will Tolerate Bullet Holes
John Turner, CEO, Corporate Synergies
The Effect of Tax Law on Health Costs: The IRA for Health
Beaver Valley Orthopedic Associates
Letter from Institute for Liberty and Community John McClaughry
Letter pertaining to The Hospital That Ate Chicago. from Michael Smith, M.D.
Letter from James R. Regan, M.D.
Mary Stuart Blakely Fisher, MD
B. Franklin, a Chronology
Preliminary Family Relics
Congratulatory Letter: Philadelphia County Medical Society Board of Trustees as the Representative
George Ross Fisher as Chairman, Philadelphia Delegation to the Pennsylvania Medical Society.
Back Cover to Haiku
Mary Maples Dunn
Azaleas and Rhodedendrons at Tyler Arboretum
Fraud and Abuse in Medicare and Other Government Programs
Broad Brush
The Lawsuit That Ate Philadelphia
Michael Dell, the Millionaire Teen-ager.
The Wedding of Computers and Medicine: First Annual Fuller G. Sherman Lecture George Ross. Fisher, M.D.
Other Voices: Rethink Lifetime Health Finance
Balancing the Book
Grasping For the Keys To the Kingdom
Abraham Rosenthal Letting Go
The Troubled Times: Gray Lady in Limbo.
William H. Taylor Age 88
Is There Any Other Medical Revenue?
Let's Annex Canada
May 29
Rescuing Medicare from Its Short-Term Thinking.
What Long Term Thinking Looks Like.
NYT-- Friedman
Award Seminar # 3940: Douglas C. Wallace, PhD
Franklin Institute Awards Week
Aaron Burr: Good Guy, or Skunk?
The Marriage of Figaro, Huzzah!
The Whole Concept of Nationhood
Steps Second Printing Revisions
De-Globalization: Is It Real? Compared With War, Is It Cheap?
The Wistars Think Big, But Talk Softly
Girard College as an Entertainment Site
(2) Death as a Portion of Lifetime Health Expense
(1) Medicine at the Two Ends of Life: First year of Life, and Last Years of Life.
College for Prison Inmates
Bedroom City?
Hepatitis C Has Been Cured: Tell All Your Friends.
Two Central Mistakes In The Design of Health Insurance.
Subsidiary Issues
Two Central Mistakes In The Design of Medicare.
Post-Graduate Medical Education in Philadelphia
Uber and 215 Get A Cab
Suited To A "T"
Deputy Managing Director
The Zimmerman Telegram
Ethnic Cemeteries
Shut Up and Listen to Me
The Protestant Revolution
Nomads::Sheep, Goats and Camels
High Queue (AKA: Terse Verse) C. Thomas Howes Intro.
High Queue
Currencies Decided By Committee, or Self-Balancing?
Remnants of a Medical Past
What's the True Cost of Active Investing ?
Uncorking the Past
The Real Watergate Scandal
The Burdens of the Rich
Currencies Owned by Nations, or by People?
Equities, Not Debt
Passive Investing With Total-Market Index Funds
Achieving Meaningful Volume Quickly But Tentatively
PROPOSAL: Cautious Steps Toward Gradual Implementation
Three-Way Rebalancing
Once More, Why Drag Healthcare Into This Mess?
Why Shouldn't Governments Ever, Ever, Own Common Stocks?
The Future of Health Savings Accounts--Lifetime Accounts?
The Future of Individual Equity Index Funds ("Passive investing") As a New Gold Standard
The Future of Index-fund Investing, Itself
FRONT STUFF::A New Currency? Equity Savings Accounts.
Epilogue, January 6, 2017
Anticipating the Need from the Beginning
Preliminary Summary
How to Live a Long Life and Get Rich
The Plan
Law of Perpetuities
Steps in the Staircase, Extending for Decades.
Escrowed Subaccounts
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New blog 2016-12-17 23:55:03
Fill in the Gaps?
Repeal or Revise Obamacare?
The Parts of Healthcare Which Barack Obama Missed
Plans for Healthcare Financing Retirement, Too
The Election is Over; The Work is Just Beginning
Transition Problems
Re-Arrangements and Addition of Childhood
Modifying Medicare Early, Using It Later
Some Strategies in Reserve
Possible Back Cover
Dedication Page
Back Cover
Front and Back Flaps
Front Stuff
Reflections on Full Transition
Transition Issues
Imperfect Agency: HSA Administrators
The Arithmetic Behind Our Claims, With Commentary
Pay/Go Becomes Prepaid
The Personalities
The March of Events
Forces at Work
Right Angle Club: Pyramid Club June 8, 2015 Images
Can Pre-payment Supply The Deficit in Health Revenue?
Health Savings Account--Outline
Haiku Intro Vol II
A Small Gamble for Big Returns
Transition to Revised Medicare: Pearl #2, Part 4
Medicare Including Retirement, Pearl # 2
Bewildering Prices for Medical Care
The Central Argument of Our Times: Balancing Prices Between Costs and Revenue
Electronic Medical Records
Section Three: An Early Look at the Necklace
Section Two: Three More Pearls, Makes Four
It's Time for a Grand Summary
Re-funding Medicare, Pearl #2, Part 3
Paying for Medicare Transition with Trust Funds.
Diagnosis Based Payment: A Warning
The Place of Interest Rates in All This
Social Politics
The Grand Plan for HRSA Networks, Very Briefly
The Economic Consequences of the Health and Retirement Savings Account
Last Four Years of Life -- Reinsurance.
Medicare Re-Arrangement
Front Stuff: Pearls on a String: Further Extending Health (and Retirement) Savings Accounts
The Two New Revenue Sources for HRSAs: Investments and Compound Interest
HSA becomes HRSA, Then Emerges as the String that Threads the Pearls
Last Four Years of Life Reinsurance
Limits on What Can be Promised: Healthcare Plus a Modest Retirement.
The Segments of Lifetime Healthcare: Medicare Including Retirement Pearl #1
Franklin and Brexit
Pearl #3: Medicare Supplement, Only 20 Percent of a Pearl on the String
Pearl #4 : Funding Newborns and Children, a Special Case
Dubious Wisdom: Adding Incentives to Health Savings Accounts on Behalf of Other Linked Accounts
Whole-Life Disbursement Model
Whole-Life Revenue Model
The Nature of Ownership Relationships
Prologue: The Approaching Battle
Younger is Longer, and Longer is Bigger
Prologue and Epilogue 06/20/16 09:27 pm
Prologue and Epilogue
Thoughts on Transition: Revenue
Thoughts on Transitions: Benefits
First Year-of Life and Last Year, Combined
Nudging Medicare into Retirements
Gently Nudging Medicare
Medicare Frugalness Incentive
In Conclusion: No Tree Grows to the Sky
Re-shuffling Some Old Ideas
Buying Into Medicare, Several Decades Early
The Argument for Designating Obstetrical Cost, As a Cost of the Child.
Terse Verse: Wry Breds
Terse Verse: Write Stuff
Terse Verse: Whirl Gig
Terse Verse: Watts Up
Terse Verse: Star Struck
Innovation and Automation
Section One: HSA becomes HRSA
Terse Verse: Rise Shine
Terse Verse: Ring Sides
Terse Verse: Pool Sides
Terse Verse: Old Hates
Terse Verse: Name Drop
Terse Verse: Hot Times
Terse Verse: Grouch March
Terse Verse: Green Aches
Second Section. Related Issues.
Terse Verse: Ghost Bust
Terse Verse: Drone Wars
Terse Verse: Dam Age
Terse Verse: Cry Wolfx
Terse Verse: Clothes Hoarse
Terse Verse: Bumps Grinds
Terse Verse: All Thumbs
After London, Ben Franklin Revisited
Building a Little Safety Into the Program
More on Last Year of Life Re-insurance.
More on Integrating Medicare into HRSA
On Single Payer Systems
Third Section: A Single Lifetime System, Not Necessarily a Single Payer
Problems. Problems
Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth
Problems of Newborn Babes
The Stamp Tax: Highly Innovative, Much Underestimated
Getting Started
Front Stuff: Surviving Health Costs to Retire: Health (and Retirement) Savings Accounts
The Subsidy Issue: Crossing the Line Between Private Sector and Public Sector
Traps, Pitfalls and Fallacies in Insurance Alternatives
Revolutionary Features of Big Data
Fixing Medicaid by the Obamacare Back Door
The Problems of Medicare Affect Health Savings Accounts
In Summary, Where Health Savings Accounts Now Stand.
Escrow and/or Escrow-like
H.I.V., AIDS, and the Law
What will Future Healthcare Costs Be, and Will Such Revenue Be Available?
Retirement Income by Overfunding Healthcare
"Christmas Saving Fund" for Medical Care
Second Edition: The Coming Shape of American Healthcare
Is It Better to Die in America?
Washington's Real Motivations
HRSA preferable to 401(k)?
(Second Edition)Exit Strategy, Health Savings Account Death Balances
Exit Strategy: Medicare as the First Pearl in the HSA Necklace
Suggested Additions.
Health Savings Accounts, Immediate, and Later
The Link Between Prose and Poetry
Health Savings Accounts: Bare-bones Brief Summary
Questions about Health Savings Accounts
Health and Retirement Savings Accounts: to Privatize Medicare and Save Money, Too
Reflections on Immortality
The Right Angle President Letter: Carter Broach
Health Savings Accounts: Brief Extracts for My Friends
Here's the Prediction for 2015
Why is Capitalism Usually a Top-Down System?
Negative Interest Rates?
The Nation, 1865-2015
New Views for the Economist?
Abuses of Goodwill
New blog 2015-11-26 16:34:05
What I Have Learned (2)
What I Have Learned (1)
Terse Verse: Wish Wash
Terse Verse: Wind Down
Terse Verse: Watch Man
Deductibles Too High?
Rexamining the Role of Children
Making Money With Math
In Sum: N-HSA
Terse Verse: Sound Bites
Terse Verse: Rip Tied
The Transition Into N-HSA
Terse Verse: Post Grad
Terse Verse: Pop Tops
Terse Verse: Play Time
Terse Verse: Look Outs
Terse Verse: Light Waits
Terse Verse: Knock Rounds
Terse Verse: Hot Tips
Terse Verse: New Man
Terse Verse: Heave Hos
The Accordion Principle
Graphs of New HSA
Terse Verse: Fast Free
The Customers Help Out
Simplified Math
Summary: The Shifting Environment of Health Savings Accounts.
Summmary and Synopsis
Right Angle 2015 Speakers
Terse Verse: Face Facts
Terse Verse: Dog Gone
Terse Verse: Cram Packs
Health Savings Accounts: Visions for New Prosperity
Terse Verse: Cold Flames
Terse Verse: Ah Mes
Simple Summary
Shocking News: N-HSA Doesn't Subsidize Poor People.
N-HSA, Bare Bones (2015 Version)
Good Ol' Health Savings Accounts .
Classical Heath Savings Accounts (C-HSA), Brought Up to Date
Re-designing the Place of Medicare
Further Front Stuff: Second Edition
Introduction to Second Edition
Principles of Invesment Income, Multiplied by Compound Interest
Two Exceptional Health Coverages
Paying for Healthcare
Terse Verse: Tread Mill
Terse Verse: Track Down
Terse Verse: Street Smarts
Terse Verse: Side Track
Terse Verse: Shave Tail
Terse Verse: Shall Game
Terse Verse: Ore Not
Terse Verse: Kiss Met
Terse Verse: Hides Out
Terse Verse: Foot Race
Terse Verse: Fling Time
Terse Verse: Field Day
Terse Verse: Fans Fair
Terse Verse: Cat Calls
Terse Verse: Buy Lines
Terse Verse: Bird Brains
Terse Verse: Beg Choose
Terse Verse: Aims Race
Terse Verse: Air Lines
Terse Verse: Air Crafts
Employer-Based Health Insurance in a Nutshell
Terse Verse: No Nos
Terse Verse: Mess Age
Terse Verse: Land Scrape
Terse Verse: Hands Out
Terse Verse: Golfs Coarse
Terse Verse: Flash Mod
Terse Verse: Eye Spy
Terse Verse: Crunch Time
Terse Verse: Clip Clop
Terse Verse: Check Outs
Terse Verse: Call Girl
Terse Verse: Bull Heads
Terse Verse: Bid Asked
Terse Verse: Zip Ups
Terse Verse: Whine List
Terse Verse: Wed Lock
Terse Verse: Suite Dreams
Terse Verse: Spank Clean
Terse Verse: Road Ways
Terse Verse: Pep Talk
Real Estate Mogul Urges Higher Real Estate Taxes
Pipelines to Philadelphia?
Charter School Warfare
SECTION SIX: Condensed Summaries
NewHSA for children
Random Suggestions for The New HSA
The evolution of the HSA Idea.
Summary of N-HSA
Two Chapters of the World Economy's History
Almost Good Enough
The Plight of the Latecomer to HSA
Terse Verse: Step Up
Terse Verse: Stars War
Terse Verse: Rude Rage
Terse Verse: Ride Rage
Terse Verse: Poles Part
Terse Verse: One Ups
Terse Verse: Night Crawls
Terse Verse: Make Waves
Terse Verse: Main Line
Terse Verse: Lime Light
Terse Verse: High Ball
Terse Verse: Go Round
Terse Verse: Fowl Bawl
Terse Verse: Fire Range
Terse Verse: Dream Job
Terse Verse: Cure All
Terse Verse: Cramp Style
Terse Verse: Clone Prince
Terse Verse: Brow Beat
Terse Verse: Act Up
Details of Lifetime Health Savings Accounts (L-HSA)
Terse Verse: Tuft Love
Terse Verse: Stone Aged
Terse Verse: Spooks Man
Terse Verse: Split Heirs
Terse Verse: Shrink Raps
Terse Verse: Round One
Terse Verse: Noose Men
Multi-Year Catastrophic Health Insurance
Terse Verse: Mean Life
Terse Verse: Knock Out
Terse Verse: Knock Downs
Terse Verse: Hang Outs
Terse Verse: Hail Storm
Terse Verse: Gags Rule
Terse Verse: Fire Back
Terse Verse: Fast Talk
Terse Verse: Fare Game
Terse Verse: Dye Hard
Terse Verse: Done Dads
Terse Verse: Cuts Chase
Terse Verse: Broad Ways
Classical Health Savings Accounts (C-HSA): In Summary
Philadelphia Schools Success Story
Septa's Brain Center
New Overfunding an HSA to Supplement Retirement Income
Health Savings Account in a Nutshell
Buying-Out Medicare
First and Last Years of Life, Health Insurance
SECTION SIX; Transitions, Summaries of Proposals
New HSA: One Potential Solution, Several Unsolved Issues.(2014 Version)
Concept Behind New Health Savings Accounts
Footnotes to N-HSA Table
Overfunding for Retirement (2)
Eligible Health Expenses
Terse Verse: Turn "Bout
Terse Verse: Touch Down
Terse Verse: Tongue Tied
Terse Verse: Squares Wan
New blog Terse Verse: Shore Points
Terse Verse: See Saw
Terse Verse: Sad States
Terse Verse: Pets Rock
Assorted Proposals
Terse Verse: Mo Dick
Terse Verse: Hump Dump
Terse Verse: Hop Hip
Terse Verse: Guys Things
Terse Verse: Food Chains
Terse Verse: Fool Proof
Terse Verse: Fly Ways
SECTION FIVE: Multi-Year, the Future of Health Savings Accounts
Terse Verse: Court Ships
Terse Verse: Cool Aide
Terse Verse: Bore War
Terse Verse: Ate Bawl
Terse Verse: Ad Vice
Terse Verse: Up Grades
Terse Verse: Way Fare
Terse Verse: Top Gun
Terse Verse: Star Light
Terse Verse: Stand Up
Psychiatry: Scientific Frontier, or Stormy Seas ?
Terse Verse: Shore Things
Terse Verse: Shell Shock
Terse Verse: Screen Tests
Terse Verse: Read Zone
Terse Verse:Old Haunts
Overfunding for Retirement
Not Casualty, but Life Insurance
SECTION ONE: Health Savings Accounts and its Competitor, in Brief
Investment Advice for Non-Investors
Terse Verse: Miss Cast
Terse Verse: Match Play
Early History of Health Savings Accounts
Terse Verse: Learn Ropes
New blog 2015-07-15 17:42:15
Terse Verse: Laugh Stock
SECTION TWO: Hidden Economics of Healthcare
Old Introduction June 28,2015
Terse Verse: Hop Scotched
Terse Verse: Hoarse Race
Terse Verse: Hard Drives
Terse Verse: Hard Brawl
Terse Verse: Film Flam
Terse Verse: Cast Offs
Coordinating New HSA with The Affordable Care Act.
What HSA Does for Poor Folks: A Proposal
New Health Savings Accounts (N-HSA)
The Pity of It, Iago; Employer-basing is Mostly a Tax Gimmick
First Year of Life, and Tort Reform
Medicare Buy-Out
What's the Matter With Medicare? And Single-Payer?
Proposal for Health Savings Accounts, Extended (N-HSA, 2015 Version))
Health Savings Account, Classical Version
Supreme Court Rescues Obamacare, June 26, 2015
Terse Verse: Time Warps
Hamlet Speaks His Mind
Terse Verse: Stump Stomp
Terse Verse: Thumbs Up
Terse Verse: Still Life
Using Escrow to Estimate Health Costs (2)
Using Escrows to Estimate Cost Risks(1)
Terse Verse: Stage Frights
Terse Verse: Slap Dash
Terse Verse: Sheer Fun
Terse Verse: Self Steamed
Terse Verse: Mark's Word
Terse Verse: Knight Time
Terse Verse: Junk Bonds
Terse Verse: Ho Hummms
Flies in the Ointment
Terse Verse: Gold Horde
Terse Verse: Grime Scene/h3>
Terse Verse: Foot Age
Cost is the Big Issue, But Here's Another
Multi-year Issues
Terse Verse: Cry Game
Terse Verse: Child Hoods
Terse Verse: Cause Ways
Pickett's Charge
Terse Verse: Catch Phrase
Terse Verse: Bone Heads
Healthcare, A Much Simplified Overview
Here's the Deal
Consulting Agency for Medicare Buy-out Issues
Transitions To Donated HSAs, for Children
Waiting for Roberts
Longevity, a Moving Target
Reducing Unnecessary Care with Health Savings Accounts
Black Swans and Portfolio Content.
Passive Investing
Expanding the Money in a Health Savings Account
Deeper Detail: Extending the Investor's Return, Simplifying His Role
Terse Verse: Time Out
Terse Verse: Wreak Room
Terse Verse: Wits End
Terse Verse: Weak Ends
Terse Verse: Turn Style
Terse Verse: Time Lion
Terse Verse: Smoke Rings
Terse Verse: Pitched Fork
Terse Verse: Pest Friends
Terse Verse: Mark's Time
Terse Verse: La Mode
Terse Verse: Hum Bugs
Terse Verse: Hang ups
Terse Verse: Gone South
Terse Verse: Gold Rush
Terse Verse: Gold Bugs
Terse Verse: Food Fast
Terse Verse: Food Courts
Terse Verse: Fault Lines
Terse Verse: Dunce Deal
Terse Verse: Bawl Game
George Washington in Philadelphia; Revolutionary
George Washington in Philadelphia; Post-Revolutionary
George Washington in Philadelphia; Pre-Revolutionary
Health Savings Account:Planning for Prosperity
Millennials: The New Romantics?
The Deal Breaker
Terse Verse: Wise Guise
Terse Verse: View Points
Terse Verse: Up Tight
Terse Verse: Touch Go
Terse Verse: Tong Tied
Terse Verse: Spring Breaks
Terse Verse: Spot On
Terse Verse: Smear Case
Terse Verse: Rough Shod
Terse Verse: Peace Meal
Terse Verse: Kick Backs
Terse Verse: Jump Starts
Terse Verse: Hole Truth
Terse Verse: High Lights
Terse Verse: Foot Loose
Terse Verse: Debth Charged
NewTerse Verse: Closed Knit
Terse Verse: Choice Words
Terse Verse: Burn Outs
Terse Verse: Boar Wars
Grandpa Makes a Gift
Terse Verse: Vice Verse
Terse Verse: Words Worth
Terse Verse: Sweet Tarts
Terse Verse: Skin Game
Terse Verse: Rump Roast
Terse Verse: Pullets Prize
Terse Verse: Phase Lift
Terse Verse: Missed Link
Terse Verse: Land Hoe
Terse Verse: Knit Pick
Terse Verse: Health Nuts:
Terse Verse: Gaunt Lets
Terse Verse: Free Lance
Terse Verse: Cry Fowl
Terse Verse: Clothes Call
Terse Verse: Chaps Shtick
Terse Verse: Bush Whack
Finding the Sweet Spot
Steve Brill: Healthcare Without Insurance Companies
Terse Verse: 'Bout Time
Terse Verse: Awe Sum
Terse Verse: Ahs Me
Russian Diplomacy, Then and Now
Terse Verse: Who dos
Terse Verse: Type Cast
Terse Verse: Top Notch
Terse Verse: Times Out
Terse Verse: Spoils Sport
Terse Verse: Pots Luck
Terse Verse: Pet's Peeves
Terse Verse: Off Hook
Terse Verse: Just Ice
The American Health Plan; Only in America is it Imaginable
Terse Verse: Haste Waist
Terse Verse: Gone Pot
Terse Verse: Ire Land
Terse Verse: Check Lists
Terse Verse: Foul Plays
Terse Verse: Car Tune
Terse Verse: Bye Buys
The Doc Fix
Terse Verse: Brew Haws
Terse Verse: Beef Stakes
Terse Verse: Band Stands
Terse Verse: Age Less
Sometimes, Even the Supreme Court Looks Negligent
Heath Insurance Companies Reach for the Brass Ring
Academia Gets Its Share of Blame
Methods in the Madness
Amending Laws Rather than Rejecting Them
The Coming End to Ink Blots.
Hospital Cost-Shifting Reacts to the DRG
Hospital Cost-Shifting by Age Group, Patient Income, and Payer Class
Henry Kaiser's Cleverness Out of Control
Employer Based Health Insurance
Terse Verse: Wit Lash
Terse Verse: Why Knot
Terse Verse: Tote All
Terse Verse: Swing Shift
Terse Verse: Strut Stuff
Terse Verse: Stress Test
Terse Verse: Stop Watch
Terse Verse: Stock Marks
Terse Verse: Sports Swear
Terse Verse: Smart Wons
Terse Verse: Slug Feast
Terse Verse: Love All
Terse Verse: Knicks Knack
Terse Verse: Home Spun
Terse Verse: Home Brood
Terse Verse: Hind Sight
Terse Verse: High Ups
Terse Verse: Flash Pan
Terse Verse: Chits Chat
The New Jersey Constitution of 1947
Terse Verse: Spice Aisles
Terse Verse: Spaced Out
Terse Verse: Sounds Great
Terse Verse: Shrink Age
Terse Verse: One Dun
Terse Verse: Old Saws
Terse Verse: Ode Man
Terse Verse: Hey Day
Terse Verse: Fast Lane
Appealing the Constitution to a Higher Authority
Terse Verse: Fan Pack
Terse Verse: Fall Guy
Terse Verse: El Non
Terse Verse: Dust Mights
Terse Verse: Dough Boys
Terse Verse: Crib Notes
Terse Verse: Count Down
Terse Verse: Con Fest
Terse Verse: Checks Up
Terse Verse: Blog Jam
Terse Verse: Abs Track
Terse Verse: Yo Yo
Terse Verse: Up Braid
Terse Verse: Tag Line
Terse Verse: Sir Plus
Terse Verse: Run Downs
Terse Verse: Pay Daze
Terse Verse: Net Flicks
Terse Verse: Loan Range
Terse Verse: Just So
Terse Verse: Good Thymes
Terse Verse: Face off
Terse Verse: Eye Cues
Terse Verse: Dumb Down
Terse Verse: Cross Words
Terse Verse: Clock Work
Terse Verse: Chick Flix
Terse Verse: Cats Fat
Terse Verse: Bull's Eye
Terse Verse: Bar Code
Terse Verse: Bad Guise
Terse Verse: Wurst Case
Terse Verse: Works Out
Terse Verse: Whose who
Terse Verse: What Gives
Terse Verse: Tongue Wags
Terse Verse: Take Charge
Terse Verse: Squeeze Play
Terse Verse: Self Taut
Terse Verse: Scratch Off
Terse Verse: Real Deal
Terse Verse: Pro Fit
Terse Verse: Prime Ate
Terse Verse: Non Plus
Terse Verse: Last Rights
Terse Verse: Joke Hold
Terse Verse: Heir Cut
Terse Verse: Hedge Hog
Terse Verse: Hard Knocks
Terse Verse: Fowl Fare
Terse Verse: Fee Lines
Terse Verse: Well Versed
Terse Verse: Up Scale
Terse Verse: Twin Peeks
Terse Verse: Try Age
Terse Verse: Teed Off
Terse Verse: Tap Dunce
Terse Verse: Stock Yards
Terse Verse: Stale Mates
Terse Verse: Squares Won
Terse Verse: Spot Lite
Terse Verse: Spend Thrifts
Terse Verse: Spare Change
Terse Verse: Run Round
Terse Verse: Lug Age
Terse Verse: Faux Pause
Terse Verse: Cow Tow
Terse Verse: Buzz Weirds
Terse Verse: Butt Heads
Terse Verse: Boot Camp
Terse Verse: Block Busts
Terse Verse: Choice Cuts
Terse Verse: Iron Age
Terse Verse: Line Up
Terse Verse: Pop's Art
Terse Verse: Brass Rings
Terse Verse: Biz Buzz
Terse Verse: Klutz Hit
Terse Verse: Bum Wraps
Terse Verse: Check Mate
Terse Verse: Crass Act
Terse Verse: Frame Ups
Terse Verse: Head Lines
Terse Verse: Reign Checks
Terse Verse: Psych Outs
Terse Verse: Pay Dirt
Terse Verse: Night Lite
Terse Verse: Chop Shop
Terse Verse: Dead Lines
Terse Verse: Feat First
Terse Verse: Fore Casts
Terse Verse: Got Cha
Terse Verse: Heads Up
Terse Verse: Lost Cause
Terse Verse: Quick Steps
Terse Verse: Sole Mates
Terse Verse: Red I
Terse Verse: Rack Etttes
Terse Verse: Poll Ticks
Terse Verse: Lap Tops
Terse Verse: Hair Looms
Terse Verse: Grad Rags
Terse Verse: Gilt Trip
Terse Verse: Fit Fits
Terse Verse: Dis Cuss
Terse Verse: Friend Ships
Terse Verse: Churn Pike
Terse Verse: Split Ends
NeTerse Verse: Sour Suite
Terse Verse: Song Dance
Terse Verse: Thumbs Rule
Terse Verse: Crass Test
Terse Verse: Hit Run
Terse Verse: Life Lines
Terse Verse: Bed Bugs
Terse Verse: Card Sharks
Terse Verse: Pinch Hits
Terse Verse: Bye Laws
Terse Verse: Take Outs
Terse Verse: Hear Yea?
Terse Verse: What's Up
Terse Verse: Wise Cracks
Terse Verse: Wild Card
Terse Verse: Turn 'Oer
Terse Verse: Toil Road
Terse Verse: Time Lapse
Terse Verse: Tee Time
Terse Verse: Sit Calms
Terse Verse: Side Kicks
New Jersey State Constitution 1947: Updated through Amendments Adopted in November, 2014 Sec. VI
New Jersey State Constitution 1947: Updated through Amendments Adopted in November, 2014
Terse Verse: Sell Phone
Terse Verse: Pair Rants
Terse Verse: Loss Cause
Net Neutrality
Terse Verse: Line Tame
Terse Verse:Hem Haw
Terse Verse: Heal Toe
Terse Verse: Head Ways
Terse Verse: Fire Plugs
Terse Verse: Down Size
Terse Verse: Clap Trap
Terse Verse: Bull Pen
Terse Verse: (Bald Face and Bald Head are the same)
New Looks for College?
Lifetime Healthcare, Using Health Savings Accounts (4)
Terse Verse: Beer Bust
Terse Verse: Brain Frieze
Terse Verse: Zip Code
Terse Verse: Dust Up
Terse Verse: Size Up
Terse Verse: Rod Rage
Terse Verse: Pride's Head
Terse Verse: Stock Picks
Terse Verse: Juice Up
Terse Verse: Foot Note
Terse Verse: Marked Man
Terse Verse: Hit Man
Terse Verse: Dot Calm
Terse Verse: High Bread
Terse Verse: Last Straw
Terse Verse: Fowl Play
Terse Verse: Hang Time
Terse Verse: Halve Knots
Terse Verse:
Terse Verse: Day Shift
Terse Verse: Fan Males
Terse Verse: Cast Ways
Terse Verse: Breast works
Terse Verse: Shots Snap
Terse Verse: Road Hogs
Terse Verse: Names Drop
Terse Verse: Mates Game
Terse Verse: Long Runs
Terse Verse: Kick Offs
Lifetime Healthcare, Using Health Savings Accounts (3)
Terse Verse: Knight Light
Terse Verse: Jump Start
Terse Verse: Terse Verse
Terse Verse: Ways Mean
Terse Verse: Wait Watch
Terse Verse: Tops Spin
Terse Verse: Steaks Out
Terse Verse: Slip Up
Terse Verse: Sham Pain
Terse Verse: Sea Scrapes
Terse Verse: Scratch Match
Terse Verse: Pill Age
Terse Verse: Past Tense
Terse Verse: More Less
Terse Verse: Gag Rule
Terse Verse: Foot Lights
Basic Coverage: Three Big Problems, No Little Ones
Terse Verse: Foot Bawl
Terse Verse: Cons Test
Terse Verse: Con Flix
Terse Verse: Boo Who
Terse Verse: Bed Lamb
Terse Verse: Sea Salt
Terse Verse: Scape Goats
Terse Verse: Queen Be
Terse Verse: Puff Poof
Terse Verse: Primed Time
Terse Verse: Pin Pals
Terse Verse: Pen Pals
Terse Verse: Peek Boo
Terse Verse: Out Takes
Terse Verse: Match Point
Terse Verse: Last Laughs
Terse Verse: Hold Ups
Terse Verse: Glass Act
Terse Verse: Game Plans
Terse Verse: Flash Back
Terse Verse: Fat's Chance
Terse Verse: Cheep Talk
Terse Verse: Tick Tox
Lifetime Healthcare, Using Health Savings Accounts (1)
Terse Verse: Write Ways
Terse Verse: Wise Cracked
Terse Verse: Red Rug
Terse Verse: Queue Tip
Terse Verse: Last Stands
Terse Verse: Pay Offs
Terse Verse: Oh Zone
Terse Verse: Nags Head
Terse Verse: Knock Offs
Terse Verse: Jets Set
Terse Verse: Imp Pulse
Terse Verse: I Strain
Terse Verse: Home Plate
Terse Verse: Head Count
Terse Verse: Grown Up
Terse Verse: Golds Age
Terse Verse: Fume Gate
Terse Verse: Cold Calls
Terse Verse: Boon Docks
Terse Verse: Fire Flies
Terse Verse: End Game
Terse Verse: Last Ditch
Terse Verse: Miss Fits
Terse Verse: Down Sighs
Terse Verse: Top Not
Terse Verse: Come Backs
Terse Verse: Show Off
Terse Verse: Short Cuts
Terse Verse: Scram Bull
Terse Verse: Rode Rage
Terse Verse: Reel World
Terse Verse: Push Pull
Terse Verse: Off Base
Terse Verse: Odds Job
Terse Verse: Mend Ways
Terse Verse: Male Call
Terse Verse: Lawn Gone
Terse Verse: House Rules
Terse Verse: Fork Lift
Terse Verse: Fast Track
Terse Verse: Buzz Words
Some Underlying Principles
"Scores of Centimillionaires"
Tony Junker; Peace Museum
Paying for the Healthcare of Children
Terse Verse: Barn Storm
Terse Verse: Bar Flies
Terse Verse: Bald Head
Terse Verse: All's Fair
Terse Verse: All Tolled
Terse Verse: Air Heads
Terse Verse: Aged Rock
Terse Verse: Ads Age
Terse Verse: Abs Sense
Wall Street
Introductioon to Haiku
New blog 2015-02-18 17:49:07
HSA Lifetime Payments: Limits of Feasibility
Philadelphia School Crisis
Gashouse Gang
TF-IDF Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency
TF-IDF Most-Significant Term In Each of Shakespeare's Plays
TF-IDF Step 5
TF-IDF Step 4
TF-IDF Step 3
TF-IDF Step 2
TF-IDF Step1
TF-IDF Driver
How to Make a City Rich
River to River, Pine to Vine
Suburb in the Big City
Economic Proposals For 2015-16, A Trial Balloon
The Streets of Philadelphia, on Ben Franklin's Birthday
2015 As Predicted from Pittsburgh
Former Foreward to Saving for a Rainy
Children, 0-26
First Two, and Last Two, Years of Life
That Dratted Third Rail
Healthcare Financing, Up to Medicare Age
Financial Overview
The Big Picture
Our Jokemaster Has Another Side to Him
President's Letter for 2014
Neale C. Bringhurst
Spending Rules--Same Purpose As Escrow Accounts
Beware the Middle-man: Common Stock Index Fund Earnings are Not the Same as Investor Returns.
Providers of Care: CHAPTER SEVEN
Recipients of Care: CHAPTER SIX
Pit Stop #2: What Are the Foreseeable Consequences?
Buying Out Your Medicare?
What Is Our Final Goal?
New blog 2014-11-21 22:03:33
Talkie Revolution
How Do You Withdraw Money From Lifetime Health Insurance?
Passive Investing Increases Yield.
Congressional Hearing: Health Savings Accounts
Lifetime Health Savings Accounts:How Much is Enough?
Blue Sky Flying for Congress: What to Do With Money Which Health Savings Accounts Drop in Your Lap
A Change in Direction
Epilogue: Where Does All This Money Come From?
Half-Started HSAs
HSA Proposals Summarized
Pit Stop: Some Features Regular HSA and Lifetime HSA Have in Common
Escrow Accounts for Future Needs.
Disadvantages of Lifetime Health Care
Lifetime HSA and Whole Life Insurance: A Basic Difference
Disadvantages of Lifetime Health Savings Accounts
Hidden River (2)
Our President Shows His Stuff
Condominiums, Revisited
At Times, Charles Dickens Was a Little Immature
The Eventual Economy of Excellence
Public Misconceptions
Pennsylvania's First Industrial Revolution
Summaries for the Book Jacket and Elsewhere.
Fun With Numbers
Some Brief Examples of HSAs .
Converting Term Health Insurance Into Lifetime Health Insurance
Commentary: Agency for Mid-Course Corrections
Commentary on Chapter Four: Replacing Medicare With Something Better
The Math of Predicting the Future
Passive Investing by Unsophisticated Investors
Some Ruminations About the Far Future.
FOREWORD, written June 28,2015
Cost Effect of Increasing Longevity
Balancing the Books
Internal Borrowing Between Health Savings Accounts
What Price Success?
Healthcare's Growing List of Indebtedness
Barnes Arboretum
Bring Your Own Hammer
Raising Cash and Investing Cash
Investing for the Common Man
Rollover of Unspent Flexible Spending Accounts
What Part of Medicare Gets Paid?
Good Ol' Health Savings Accounts
Front Stuff, Health Savings Accounts: Planning for Prosperity;SECTION ONE: HSA and its Competitor, in brief
Which Obamacare Plan Fits Best With Health Savings Accounts?
Data Sources for Health Care
Reducing Health Care Costs, by Reorganizing Them (Lifetime Health Savings Accounts)
What Other House?
Changing Environment
Casino Warfare
Decline and Fall of Philadelphia
Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010
REPLICATED COPY of CHAPTER TWO: The Supreme Court Will Be Heard 07/07/14 12:01 am
ACA Synopsis, July 4, 2014
Proposal: Coordinate Sections 1501 and 1251
Text of Section 1501, renamed Section 5000A: MINIMUM COVERAGE
CHAPTER ONE: Where Are We, And How Did We Get There?
Welcome to Welfare
All Right, Hippocrates. So What's the Basic Problem?
The Last of the Algonquins
June 2014: Don't Go Away This May
Baby Boom Financial Crisis
Honoring the Fallen
What's a Ribosome? Who is Joachim Frank?
Enforcing the Constitution: Civil Monetary Penalties (CMP)
Philadelphia's Real Estate Gridlock
Proposal Number Seven: Buy-In Prices at Different Ages
Lifetime Health Coverage, Summarized in Advance
Indemnity and Payment by Diagnosis: Fair Prices For Healthcare
Borrowing Your Own Money
International Law
Keats, Symmetry, and Quakers
American Exceptionalism Has Something To Do With Compromise
Children, From Birth to Age 26
How to spend
How Do I Pay My Bills With These Things?
The Outlines of Lifetime-Funded Health Insurance
Reflections on Age Groups
James F. Kilcur Esq.,
Pay As You Go
Amending HSAs To Include Tax Sheltering
CHAPTER FOUR: Proposals to Extend Regular Health Savings Accounts
Admonitions: Using the Transition to Lifetime Health Insurance as an Inflation Restraint
Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG), in Relation to Medical Electronic Records.
Stepping out of the Obamacare Frame
Feeding America:St. Paul's Food Basket
SIXTH: Indemnity, Not Service Benefits
Electronic Medical Record
Average Lifetime Medicare Balance Sheet
Shifting Money Backward in Time: Managing the Transition
What Can Supreme Court(s) Do About Tort Reform?
State and Federal Powers: Historical Review
January 2014 investment musings
Children, Playing With Matches
Health Reform: Seen On the Mass Media
Pharmaceuticals:The Coonskin Hat
Creative Destruction for Health Insurance Companies
ERISA Is Thrust Into the Battle
Direct Marketing of Health Insurance?
Direct Premium Payments, Constitutional Issues
CHAPTER SIX; Reforms More Basic Than Obamacare
CHAPTER THREE: Sudden Fiasco ,Of Electronic Insurance
CHAPTER TWO: The Supreme Court Enters the Case
FIFTH: Having Invested, How Do You Reimburse the Providers of Care?
Better, but More Complicated: Lifetime HSAs
President's Letter
Redesigning Electronic Insurance Exchanges
Electronic Insurance Exchanges
Text of AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, PL 111-148, March 23, 2010, Renamed HR 3590
Text of Affordable Care Act, PL 111-148, March 23, 2010 (1)
CHAPTER TWO: The Supreme Court Will Be Heard
Strange Interlude
The Real Obamacare, Unveiled
Economics of Chronic Disease and Catastrophic Illness
More Work for the U.S. Supreme Court: Revisit Maricopa
The Shape of Lifetime Healthcare Costs
Health Insurance Design.
Clintoncare and Obamacare: Historical Foreword
Annotated Table of Contents
Predictions of Future Healthcare Costs: Quis Custodiat Ipsos Custodes?
Historical Foreward
Foreword: Children Playing With Matches: Investigating and Debating the Healthcare System
Some Unintended Opportunities
Minimum Wage Fangdoodle
Howard Calloway: On the European Union
Higher-cost Health Insurance is What's Mandatory
Celebrating Election Day
Running for the Assembly, Only in Philadelpia
The Meaning of Freedom
Election Night Celebrations
William James and the Progressive Movement
Yard Signs
Spending Accounts into Savings Accounts for Retirement? Don't Count On It.
Interest Rates, Investment Income, and Inflation
Proposed: A Republican and/or Conservative Healthcare Solution
The King's Road
The Accounting of Natural Capital
Arnott: Challenges of the 'New Abnormal'
Fisher on TV
Some Tax Cuts are a Shell Game
Psychiatry: Last Cow in Philadelphia
Taming the Creeks of Olde Philadelphia
Fisher on What Is So Good about Christie?
Fisher on the Environment
A Healthcare Reform Obamacare Forgot
Fisher on an Assembly Provision
Barnes Foundation -- Drawing a New Moral
Burlington Leads the Way
Fisher on Proposed Economic Zones
Fisher on the Coming Physician Shortage
Fisher on Stuffing Ballot Boxes
How They Do It in Delaware
The Absent Booker
New Jersey Abbott Districts
Fisher on Meeting With the Enemy
Fisher on Representation Size
SECOND FOREWORD (Whole-life Health Insurance)
Dept. Defense vs. Dept. State
Fisher's Platform
Fisher on Political Clubs
College Majors that pay you back
Fisher -- Stump Speech
Fisher on Issue Politics
New Foreward
Adam Smith and Karl Marx
Comparatively Easy Financing for the Uninsured
Migrating to Retirement Villages
Post-Payment for The First Year of Life
Pre-Paid Death Benefits
Will Obamacare Reduce the National Debt?
Warning: Crowding Out
Hospital Inpatient Charges, as Seen by Medicare
No Plan is Free of Risk; Long Range Planning is Political
Final Rule: Outpatient Reimbursement Regulations
Void for Vagueness?
CHAPTER FOUR: The Supreme Court Enters the Case
A Government of Limited Powers
CHAPTER TWO: Endgame: Shifting the Center of Care Toward Retirement Villages
Simple Gifts
Concerns Provoked by "Whole life" Health Insurance
CHAPTER SEVEN: Reconstructing the Reconstruction
CHAPTER SIX: The Reconstruction Battlefield
CHAPTER FIVE: One Political Stumble After Another
CHAPTER THREE: Neglected Leftovers From the Past
CHAPTER ONE: A Grand Strategy for Healthcare Financing
Grand Strategy: Semi-Insured Health Insurance
Reconstructing the Reconstruction
Ideal Universal Health Insurance on the Accordion Model
Philadelphia to Savannah: A New View
Cost Shifting, Reconsidered
Co-Insurance (2)
George Mason and Triumvirates
Societies and Clubs
Gas House, the Real Thing
Glen Foerd, Torresdale, and the Feudal Industrial Style
Critical Number for Retirement Planning
Hospitals' Ratio of Charges to Actual Costs
Hadoop and Big Data in Medicine
The First Year of Life, Leading to the Rest
An Unending Capacity to Generate New Problems
Cost-shifting Overview
Museum of Banking
The Resentfulness of Rejected Benefactors
Utilization Review
Unfair Income Tax Incentives
Philadelphia Vaguely Hears About Bunker Hill
Merging Insurance Companies with Health Delivery Systems
Evolving Employer Attitudes About Employee Privacy
A Doctor's Toast to His Patients
Increased Potential for Retirement Villages
Elective Hospital Admissions: Flexible Deductibles
What's The Matter With a Partial Answer?
Foreigners Are Fed Up With Paying Our Bills.
Executive Summary.
Addressing the Computerized Medical Record Muddle
Competition for the Hospital, Rehab Center, and Nursing Home
The Pharmacy Example.
Physicians Must Dominate Medical Computing Design
Insurance for the First Year of Life, Childbirth, and Childhood in General.
Correcting the Defects in "Pay as you go."
Loud and Clear: Health Savings Accounts
Stress Tests for the European Union
Correcting the Co-insurance Blunder
Looming Early Issues in Obamacare
Proposal for the Parkway
Gold Standard Substitutes
Replacing the Gold Standard
Cyprus Tests the Limits of Paper Money
Ruminations About the Cyprus Crash
Army War College in Carlisle
The Wissahickon
Deficits Don't Matter When Your Party Is In Power
Bretton Woods
SMTP Authorization and Handling Bounced Emails with PEAR Mail
Bernanke's QE3: A New Titanic, or A New Bretton Woods?
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Delaware Valley
Main Line: Overbrook to Paoli
John Marshall Decides Three Cases
Why Jefferson Hated Banks and Hamilton Loved Them
Federal Reserve Power Play
Stretching Out Your Retirement Savings
Stretching Out Dwindling Assets (1)
Wizards of the Wissahickon
Sources of Revolutionary Populism
Annapolis Convention
Implicit Powers of the Federal Government
Mexican Immigration and NAFTA
Musical Theatre at the 11th Hour
Ruminations About the Children's Education Fund (3)
Dithering History
The Prisoner in the Stone
More, or Fewer, Raisins in the Pudding
Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold: Fallen Idols
"They Don't Make That, Anymore"
National Debt, Presidential Hat Tricks, Shale Gas and Argentina
Plot Investment Results
Get Historical Stock Data in PHP (single date; from Yahoo Finance)
Graph Real Time Option Prices
Get Historical Stock Data in Excel (single date; from Yahoo Finance)
Three Threes
Black-Scholes-Merton in Python
Museum of the American Revolution
Black-Scholes-Merton in Excel
Wistar Institute, Spelled With an "A"
Exchange Quotes from XML using Excel (Yahoo Finance)
Treasury Yields from XML using Excel
Financial Graphing using PHP
Which is Better: Big Nations or Small Ones?
Exchange Quotes from XML using Excel (Google Finance)
American Chestnut Trees
One Big Brewerytown
Treasury Yields from XML using PHP
Exchange Quotes from XML using PHP (Yahoo)
Exchange Quotes from XML using PHP (Google Finance)
Sanctity of Contracts
Breaking the Buck
Calculate IRA Distributions
President Washington's First Proclamation
Boston firearms license
Front and Back Covers, Haddonfield, New Jersey
Historic Wasp-Waist of New Jersey
Bones in Duffy's Cut
Joseph Story on Politics Under the Constitution
Declaration of Rights of the Continental Congress, October 14, 1774
Running the Opera
Muddle: The War of 1812
Economics of the Oct. 4th, 1779 Attack on Fort Wilson
Massachusetts Makes Something Clear
Theater Review: Washington and The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
The Virginia Plan
Writing and Ratifying the Articles of Confederation
Articles of Confederation (Complete Text)
Boundary Disputes
Making Stock Fund Profits by Slow Reporting -- Illusory Alpha
The Origin of States Rights, a Rumination
References for Philadelphia-Reflections (1)
Leadership and Priesthood
Chief Justice John Marshall Enters (Kettledrums and Crashing Cymbals)
Attendees of both Confederation Congress and Constitutional Convention
Attendees of the Confederation Congress (1781 - 1789)
Northwest Ordinance
Land Ordinance of 1785
Land Ordinance of 1784
John Rutledge and Judicial Powers
Marshall's Predecessor, Oliver Ellsworth
Ninth Amendment
Eighth Amendment: Bail
Seventh Amendment
Sixth Amendment: Limitations of Courts
Fifth Amendment
Fourth Amendment
Third Amendment and Privacy: The Constitution Wanders
Ben's Little Legacy
Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Small Country
Paper Money
Political Effects of Increasing Population
Another Proposal for Residents of Retirement Villages to Consider
Perils of Sovereignty
Fighting About Taxes So Soon?
Iterate through a Word document, modifying picture properties(Blog 2300)
HTML5: Fourth of July 2012 on Boston Harbor
Website Test Results
James Madison
Personalities Who Wrote the Constitution
U.S. and E.U. Exchange Experiences (4)
Roberts the Second
Common Currency Without Common Government Spells Trouble
Law of the Sea
International Criminal Court
Too Much Money
Adjusting Government Finances with Immigration
Axioms for Nations
Why Should Nation States Unite?
Rise of the Formidable State
Aftermath: Who Won, the States or the Federal?
xxxOur Unwritten Constitution
Tax References in the 1787 Constitution
Reversing Madison's Scheme
xxxMonetary issues in the Constitution
Obamacare's Constitutionality
Those Troublesome Lees of Virginia
Human Rights
A Time to Read Books
The Signers of the Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence
Separation and Balance of Powers
Publius (James Madison) Explains the Proposed Constitution
Signers of the Articles of Confederation
Washington Picks out Madison
The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union (Complete Text)
Penman of the Constitution
Evolving Constitution
Union, Now and Forever
John Marshall's Constitution
Espionage in the Revolution
What Is the Purpose of a National Constitution?
Old Articles (of Confederation) for Old Europe
Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787: Articles of Confederation at their Best
Articles of Confederation: Of What Value?
Two Friends Create the Articles of Confederation
How Could We Improve State Legislatures?
Poor Richard's Wealth
Python URL Handling
Weather Man
Making the Whole Town into a CCRC
Bonds--Do They Have A Future?
Fort Mifflin
Nanoparticles: The Dwarfs are Coming
State in Schuylkill Fishing Club
Robert Morris, Land Speculator
Morris at the Constitutional Convention
Funding the National Debt
Morris Defends Banks From the Bank-Haters
Tammany: Philadelphia's Gift to New York
Statement of Accounts, March 1785
Children Playing With Matches
Widower's Friend
Ginseng Trading
R. Morris, Land Speculator
Morris Upended by a Nobody
Two-Party Ideologies
A Change of Era
The Revolution is Over, Every Man for Himself
Is Stock Trading Passe?
Ageing Owners, Ageing Property
Robert Morris Has a Mid-Life Crisis
Mr. Obama Attacks Unemployment
Peace, Disdained
Corporations: Property, but also Immortal Persons
Reconsidering All Our Laws
Father of the Bureaucracy
Politics of Employer Hiring Preferences
The Jersey Shore
Citizen Genet
Star-Gazing in Cherry Valley
Wellsboro: Grand Canyon
Appalachian Geography
Last Will and Testment of Robert Morris, Jr.
Brave New World
Sylphs in Passing
Robert Morris, Financial Virtuoso
Background: Low-Hanging Fruit Starts Running Low
Many Mickles in One Muckle
Socratic Teaching
Methods of Thought: Scientific, Logical, Future
Who Won the American Revolution?
Battle of Monmouth
Robert Morris, In Charge By Popular Demand
Revolt of the Pennsylvania Line
Private Sector Disciplines Congress
1688 Germantown Quaker Petition Against Slavery
Fort Wilson: Philadelphia 1779
Black Swans (Financial Variety)
Sidney George Fisher's Mount Harmon
Not a Single Red Knot
Real Estate Bubble Traps Robert Morris
How Could an Honest Man Go Bankrupt?
Power of the Purse
Who Paid for the Revolutionary War?
Limits of Leverage
Investment Consequences
Playing The Cards As You Are Dealt Them
Designated Lifetime Funds
Quaker Mary Dyer and Algernon Sydney
Taxes as a Form of Consumption
Unique Investment Requirements
Planning Horizon: Review Benchmarks
Heavenly House
Beaumarchais: A Playwright Brings France into the American Revolution
Robert Morris and the Lee Brothers
Robert Morris Invents American Banking
The Silas Deane Affair
Privateering, War Supplies, and Inflation
Legislative Branch: Two Chambers or One?
Richard Henry Lee: A Pennsylvania Viewpoint
Christmas, 1776, Behind the Scenes at Trenton
The Network
Constitutional Liberty
Anatomy of an Urban Political Machine
Pennsylvania: Browbeaten Into Joining a War
Competitive Institutions: Paying for Assisted Living
Foreground: Parliament Irks the Colonial Merchants
Tyler Arboretum
Fort Washington, PA
French-English Military Technical Dictionary
Russian Military Dictionary
Loss of USS Thresher
Cedar Falls Junction City
Northrop YF-23A Flight Manual
Military Dictionary
Sierra Hotel
Shield and Sword: The United States Navy and the Persian Gulf War
Tactics: U.S. Marine Corps FMFM 1-3
Revolt of the Admirals: The Fight for Naval Aviation, 1945-1950
Delaware County Travel Suggestions
Adrift With The Living Constitution
The Swedenborgian Choich
Ball Lightning, Regular Lightning, and B. Franklin
Reviving Schuylkill: Eight Miles From the Dam to Ft. Mifflin
James Buchanan: The President from Lancaster
Rare Causes of High Blood Pressure
Children's Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia (2)
Labyrinth, Episcopalian Version
Passage to India
The Palace on Wheels
Recalling the Names of Acquaintances
Times Penn Spent in Delco: by Thomas R. Smith,
Lowering the Taxes on Corporations
Locating Corporate Headquarters
Future Directions for Book Authoring
Helis the Whale (Podcast)
South Philadelphia: Ideal Intermodality Transportation Site
Curtis: Fainting Spells (Podcast)
Do Computers Thrive on Lead Poisoning?
Abortion (Podcast)
Net Neutrality and Vertical Integration
Sanctuaria Mariposa (Podcast)
Hal Becomes Henry V
Bertand Russell Disturbs the Barnes Foundation Neighbors (Podscast)
Causes of the 2007 Crash: Political and Technological
Podcasts on iTunes
Christmas Reflections (Podcast)
The Ghost of William Penn: Father, Mother, Memories, Skedaddle Thomas R. Smith, a.k.a., William Penn
Glorious Revolution: Nov. 5, 1688
The Ghost of William Penn
Circular Letter: Boston Committee of Correspondance, May 1774
Obituaries, 2010
History of the Mennonites
Mennonites: The Pennsylvania Swiss
Powel House, Huzzah!
Wild Irish
Effingham Buckley Morris
Elias Durand
Thomas Say
Creating and Wrecking the Penn Central
Warnings of Impending Trouble for the PRR
Litchfield to Wilkes Barre, Today
Unconstitutionality of Otherwise Desirable Laws
Governor Keith's House
Display Image
Headwaters of the Middle Atlantic Rivers
Three-Mile Island
Bloomsburg / Danville
Sayre / Athens
J. Edgar Thomson, Pres. PRR 1852-1874
Main Line Oligarchy
Drexel and Morgan, Investment Bankers
Rebel Hill
The Virginian: A Philadelphian Goes West
Stephen Foster, Susquehanna Schoolboy
Shale Fracking Arrives in Pennsylvania
Joseph Priestley of Northumberland, PA
Day in Court
Regulation Precision: Not Entirely a Good Idea
Green Roof at Peco
Secret Service Visits Burlington Bristol Bridge
Bi-state Fishing
Using the Delaware River as a Weapon
From Brunnemeier to Solutions
Wyoming, Fair Wilkes Barre
Dingman's Ferry, Below Port Jervis
Washington's Circular Letters
Newburgh NY: Washington Slept Here
Litchfield's Past
Central Pennsylvania Settlers Before 1700
Rationing, No Matter What You Call It.
Wilkes-Barre, Site of the Wyoming Massacre
Ms. Mayor
Great Bend: Joseph Smith Translates the Golden Plates
Mayor Tish
America's New Theater Capital
Kingston: Birthplace of Canada
Thousand Islands: U.S. Side
Sackett's Town at Sackets Harbor
Marcellus, Where Shale Gas Comes From
A Tip of the Hat to Skaneateles
Cornell, For the Birds
La Cosa Nostra Has an Apalachin Outing
Mauch Chunk, Jim Thorpe, and All That
Delaware Water Gap
Due North of Philadelphia, More or Less
Google Earth: Philadelphia Virtual Tours
Addressing the Flaws of Republics
Franklin Teaches Investing to Boston and Philadelphia
Franklin's Codicil to His Will: Strange Afterthoughts
Franklin Benefits the Pennsylvania Hospital
Franklin's Real Estate Holdings
A Grievance Carried to the Grave
Last Will of Benjamin Franklin
Cataracts and Deference to Seniors
Killer Instinct
Whither Alzheimer?
Chester County, Pennsylvania
Political Parties, Absent and Unmentionable
Disappearing Stock Power
Void for Vagueness
Restoring the Gold Standard by Levering Judges' Salaries
There She Goes, Miss America
Monocacy Creek and Monocacy River
Serpentine Rock From Serpentine Barrens
Who Killed Philadelphia Industry?
Cleaning Up The Railroad Mess 1974
RR Monopoly Self-Destructs
Stop Slapping Your Feet!
Exercise As Fun
Frank Furness (2) Rittenhouse Square
Frank Furness (1):PAFA
Find your location
L. Stokowsi and the Philadelphia Orchestra
New Roles For Grandparents
Delaware to do
Selection of Constitutional Rights for the Bill of Rights
Selling Entire Towns
Atlantic City, Brigantine and the N.I.H.
Original Intent and the Miranda Decision
Rara Avis
Pennsylvania Likes Private Property Private
Marcellus Shale Gas: Good Thing or Bad?
Bergdoll the Rich Draft Dodger
Reservoir on Reservoir Drive
Bill Gates Gets a Medal
Lumpers In Constant Combat With Splitters
Philadelphia Chromosome
Wood Turning
Willow Grove Park
Special Education, Special Problems
School Tax Seldom Equates to School Spending
QR Codes
Three Revolutions at Once, Maybe Four
Inalienable Rights Before the Magna Carta
Unalienable Rights Before 1776
How Does New Jersey State Aid Affect School Districts?
Cost of K-12 Education
Home Heating Issues
Supra Complex Heating Systems
Foot of Arch Street
Thieves of Baghdad
Pets For all Seasons
Pipe Organs, and Similar
Job Loss Map
Unemployment 2008/09
Cushman Club for Lonesome Actresses
What's Different About Kosher ?
Heron Rookery on the Delaware
Existing Websites Which Offer Higher Education
CFPA or Die
Paying For College - II
Google Maps Icons
Escaping for PHP Output to JavaScript
Paying for College I
How to Live Off an Investment Portfolio
Urban Transportation
George Will at CPAC
Literary Figures in the Philadelphia Region
Quakers and Indians
Go to Delaware, Elephants?
George Willoughby, 95, Peace Activist
Forming the State of Delaware
Freedom, But Not Independence
Freedom of Religion Includes Freedom For Anglicans
Not Only to Own, but to Govern
Navigation and Mineral Rights
Boundaries of the Grant of Pennsylvania
Preamble to the Charter of Pennsylvania
SEPTA's Long Term Planning
The Republican Court
William Penn and the Corporate Model
The Proprietor, Himself
The S&P 500 Has Been Letting Us Down
Puritan Boston & Quaker Philadelphia
Christmas Reflections
First Amendment: Separation of Church and State
Re-Doing Dilworth Plaza
Only Three Things Wrong With American Healthcare
Political Bosses
Printed Books v. Websites
Fred Etherington
Harry C. Bishop 1921-2009
Finding the Nerve to Cut Health Costs
Children's Scholarship Fund (1)
Canaris and Lahousen
Glutes, Abs and Pects
Mark Twain in Vienna
George Washington's Cherry Tree, Revisited
Pyramid-Building, Greatly Simplified
States Rights Confront Civil War
Franklin Endorses the Constitution
Lithuanian Law
George Washington on the Federal Union
The University City
Tales of the Troop
Classical Health Savings Accounts (C-HSA)
Obamacare And Its Repair, Executive Summary
Commercial Credit Sinks Globalization
What Obamacare Should Say But Doesn't
Picking Out the Raisins From the Pudding
Chicago Sauce on an Arkansas Turkey
Obamacare Follies, Executive Summary
Blood and Honor: The Philadelphia Mafia, Lately
Time To Care
Camden NJ: The Third, or Irish, Tenth
Converting Mayan Dates
Date Math
Water Works, Emblem of the Past
Benjamin Franklin, Prophet
Country Auction Modernized
Tour of Duty in 'Nam
Harvard Progressives in Philadelphia
Reforming Health Reform, New Jersey Style
Principles of the Command of War
Franklin's Funeral, 1790
Philadelphia in 1800
Molly Maguires of Pennsylvania (2)
Molly Maguires of Pennsylvania (1)
Inside the Big House
Plays and Players, Haddonfield Version
Robert Barclay Justifies Quaker Meetings
Rejecting Preventive Health Care for Good Reason
Geckos: Academy of Natural Sciences brings Mini Dinosaurs
Curtis Center
William Penn, Robert Barclay and the Ranters
The Whole Town as a Retirement Center
Grand Union
Retirement Communities (CCRC)
Cost Shifting: Indigent Care Out, Outpatient Revenue, In
Gazela Primeiro
William Penn, Justice Holmes, and the Inner Light
Arthur Beecher Carles 1882-1952
Valid XHTML YouTube embed code generator
Ardrossan Wayne PA
Population Growth: Constitutional Mathematics
Federal Reserve Rolls the Dice
Pot Belly
What Will Replace Daily Newspapers?
The News of Ideas
Philadelphia Gets the Business
Franklin on British American Relationships
Little Town of Bethlehem
Retirement Communities
Retire Later
Redesigning Old Age
Fixing the Financial Mess
Milton Friedman on Capitalism
Madeira Party 2009
Barack and Hillary: The Ol' Soft Shoe
As Others See Us
Tenth Amendment: Nothing Up Our Sleeve
Revising, Amending, and Skirting The Constitution
Eleventh Amendment
Saving the United States
Proton Therapy at Penn
The Kappa Lambda Society of Hippocrates
Twenty Five Years at the Center
Barringer Crater in Winslow AZ
B. Franklin, Scientist
Real Estate Investment Calculator
Lexington, Concord, and All That
Clinton Health (2)
Singing Waiters
Steep Yield-Curves Subsidize Banks
Steep Yield Curve: A Useful Subsidy?
Who Invented the Curve Ball?
Franklin Institute: Hawks and Galileo
A Just Society
An iPhone web app
Second Mortgages Want to Be First
Rancocas Valley: Mt. Holly, Eayrestown, Medford
Will Power
Internet, Websites, and related Programming
Bleeding Ulcer
iPhone, Skype, Land Lines and International rates
Oriental Money
How to detect an iPhone and other mobile devices
What To Do If You Have a Heart Attack
Appendix C, Honored Guests
Appendix G. Annual Outings.
Appendix H Philadelphia Public Ledger, May 25, 1925
Stylesheet for ATOM feed
HSP: Philadelphia's Attic
Windmill Electricity
Page 2-54
Appendix A,
Appendix K, Honors and Other Items
Appendix F, Dinner For President Taft
Vanishing Honey Bees
Appendix I, Charitable Contributions.
Appendix E, Newpaper Accounts of Remarks by Dr. Adolph Lorenz.
Appendix J, Special Events
Sold Out
An Under-used Veterans Benefit
Appendix D, Presidents of the Club
Medical Club of Philadelphia, Appendix B, Membership
Veterans Hospital
Taking Care of Our Veterans
Macroeconomics of The 2007 Collapse
A Quaker Carillon
Frederick Mason Jones,Jr. 1919-2009
CNBC Exposed
Philadelphia City Controller
Second Opinion: Dick Watson
Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849
Wagner Free Institute of Science
Book Proposal: Investing
NPR's Lincoln
Cira Centre II - (?)
History of Religion
Map of Middle Eastern Empires
Constitution V: The Unforeseeable
Bank Street
Financial Meltdown Documentary
Government Features Under Stress
Another Toast to S. Weir Mitchell
Unwritten Features of the Constitution
Philadelphia City-County Consolidation of 1854
Field Marshal William Joseph Slim, 1st Viscount, Order of the Garter
Inauguration of President Obama
Merging Cities With Their Suburbs
AARP: Making Money, Losing Trust
Embed Flash as Valid XHTML
Gross National Happiness In Bhutan
Touring Bhutan
Philadelphia's Big Ben
America's First Medical Interne, Jacob Ehrenzeller
Signers and Non-Signers of the Constitution
For the Good of the Order
Membership and Fellowship in the College
Burlington, Capital of the Province of West Jersey
Constitutionality of the Monetary System
East Jersey's Decline and Fall
On the Subject of Rights
Forbidden SNL Clip
Defining and Naming New Jersey
Taking Risks Demands Its Price
An Industrial Nation, or a Plantation Society?
Repairing Constitutional Defects
Haddonfield Blooming Outdoors, Year-Round
A Gleam in Washington's Eye
Intrigues, At the Highest Levels
Right Angle Club 2008, Address of the 2008 President
Designing the Convention
American Succession
Mesoamerican Ball Game
George Washington Demands a Better Constitution
Philosophy Means Science in Philadelphia
Citywide Social Calendar
Helping the home owner
Mercantilism Dies Hard
Donald Hough About the Author
How The Markets Really Work
Rescuing International Finance?
Modern Printing and Post-Modern Printing
Wildlife in Haddonfield
Mississippi Carillons
Quaker Carillon
Financial Institutions of the Future
World Finance, Columbus Day 2008
Pakistan and Democracy
New Museum of Chemical Heritage
Hidden River
WRTI, Classical Music and Jazz
TARP Demands But Does Not Create a New Standard of Fair Value
Hospital Elevators
John Head, His Book of Account, 1718-1753
New Jersey Ponders a Rising Sea Level
Vote Counting, Past and Future
Frank Furness,(3) Rush's Lancer
Intelligensia, Philly Style
Concessions and Agreements
Line Dividing East from West Jersey
Medical Club of Philadelphia
The Trigger and the Cliffhanger
The Phillies: Disapointment through Mismanagement
Acorn Club of Philadelphia
Funny Toes: A Physician Viewpoint
Securitized Debt: Fumbled, But Magnificent
Merrill Lynch Illuminates the Mortgage Crisis
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How Should We Reform Real Estate Finance?(2)
How Should We Reform Real Estate Finance?(1)
Banks: Fragile and Dangerous
SCUBA Tours of the Andrea Doria
Securitization: Pass the Hot Potato
After a Year of Crisis, Fannie and Freddy Finally Get the Spotlight
The Corinthos Disaster
Urban Bridges
Lawn Tennis at the Cricket Club
Buying Corporate America with Cheap Money
Deconstructing Higher Education, Home Design, and Medical Care.
Rising (China and) Developing Nations
Longevity Revolution
Looking Beyond Cheap Oil
What Do Unions Want?
Constitution-tampering is Unwise
China Bubble
Reading Books Compared With Computer Viewing
Securities Trading Across Time Zones
South Amboy Explodes
Turtles and Bananas
August, 2007: Sudden Financial Jolt
The Man Behind the Mann
Oil Bubble
Text of the Rosetta Stone
Ternary Operator and the IIF function
PHP out of memory condition
Passenger Stop
Franklin's Admirers on TV
Rise and Fall of Books
Create and send CSV files from PHP
Trader's Option
High Oil Prices and The Federal Reserve: Chicken or Egg?
PHP script to display Google PageRank
Federal Reserve Changes Its Business Model
Trial Bar Cavalry Charge
Trenton's Tomato Pie Cult
Website Statistics
Income vs Life Expectancy over time
Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen
Euros and Dollars
Charter of Incorporation of Franklin Inn Club (1902)
Hedge Funds in Delaware
Trapped in a Casino
GIC in Paris
Premature Solutions to the Credit Crisis of 2007
Volunteerism Needs a Business Plan
Proposal: A Second Federal Reserve
Flanders & Swann
Mortgages From the Bank's Viewpoint
Linking Oil Prices to the Credit Crisis
Retirement Planning Video
Broad Street North and South
The Value of Large Law Firms
Curing Stagflation
HowTo Create A Subprime Derivative
Calendar of Local Events
The Cause of the Subprime Crisis
Robert Adams, Jr.
The Housing Bubble
Frozen Markets
Nation's First Hospital, 1751-2016
July 4, 1776: Patients in the Pennsylvania Hospital on Independence Day
HTML Anchor without an HREF?
The Evolution of a Programmer
Credit Crunch Turning Point, at Eight Months?
Onward, Christian Soldiers
Durance Vile
Frida Kahlo
SQL To Exclude A List Of Items
What's a Repo?
Galapagos As an Environmental Laboratory
After Six months
B. Franklin and Daylight Savings
Camden Riversharks
The Garden Show Evolves
Murky Crisis
Sovereign Wealth Funds
Authors, Writers, Poets, Reporters and Publishers in Laurel Hill Cemetery
Central Securities
What is an NRSRO?
What's a Derivative?
What's a Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO)?
What's a Tranche?
What's a Mezzanine Loan?
Bank Accounting Off the Books
Inverted Yield Curve: The Depositors' Viewpoint
Debt Rating Agencies
Server-Side gzip Compression
Second Amendment: The 28th Infantry Division
Health Expenditures as a percent of GDP
Shakspere's Last Will and Testament
SHAKSPERE SOCIETY, Annual Dinner 2003
Burlington County, NJ
Shakspere Society April 2,2003
SHAKSPERE SOCIETY February 5, 2003
SHAKSPERE SOCIETY January 22, 2003
Beaux Revival
Retirement Planning
Shakspere Society, 150th Annual Dinner April 23, 2001
Shakspere Society October 10,2001
Shakspere Society October 24, 2001
Shakspere Society November 7, 2001
Shakspere Society November 28, 2001
Shakspere Society December 12, 2001
Shakspere Society, January 23, 2008
Shakspere Society, January 9, 2008
Toast To Benjamin Franklin
The Founding of The Franklin Inn Club
Commercial Academic Think Tank
Report Identity Theft to the Secret Service
Germantown Avenue, One End to the Other
2008 -- A Time to Reflect
Computerized Finance to the Guillotine
National Debt, National Blessing
Bye, Bye, Banks
As Computers Displace Money, Trust But Verify
Bonds are Up: Is That a Good Thing?
Gloomy Future for Banks
Parsing name-value pair attributes in an HTML tag
Making Money (8): Virtual Money
Gallatin Part II
Regex URL Matching
HTML Forms
Unwritten Constitution
Making Money (7): Fractional Reserve Banking
Dog Days
Making Volunteerism a Business
Gallatin, Part 1
Detroit Makes, Philadelphia Takes
Port of Philadelphia
Fellow Travelers
Round the Block in Haddonfield
Static vs Dynamic URLs
Two Pacifists: Einstein and Eddington
BU to Pier 7 GPS Tour
Albert Gallatin: Enigma Furioso
Send a KML file from disk using PHP
Stephen Girard, Compulsive Gambler
Google Earth Tour of Franklin Locations
Social Disintermediation
Call KML files from within a blog or topic
Forty Days Before the Mast
Chester: To the Dark Tower
Beyond Most of Us
Chinese North
Furniture for the Horse Country
Quilts, Patchwork Style
Process .htm and .html as php
Doing Well, Doing Good.
Mexico Goes to Morocco
Geo Positioning
The Inky
New Jersey: A Keg Tapped at Both Ends (2)
New Jersey: A Keg Tapped at Both Ends (1)
Gardening Survives
Quaker Efficiency Expert: Frederick Winslow Taylor 1856-1915
Tree Huggers: Delaware Valley College
Please Touch
Replacing Employer-Based Health Insurance
Neopolitan Right Angle
Laran Bronze
Perfect, the Enemy of Good
Immigration and Universal Health Insurance
Money Bags
Segmented Health Insurance
Healthcare Reform: Looking Ahead (3)
Healthcare Reform: Looking Ahead (2)
Healthcare Reform: Looking Ahead (1)
Clinton Plan Summary: Effects on National Health
Clinton Plan Summary: Nation's Financial Health
Clinton Plan Summary: Hospital Effects
Clinton Plan Summary: Physician Effects
The University Museum: Frozen in Concrete
Computerizing Medical Care
Health Maintenance Organizations, Reconsidered
Be Careful What You Wish For
Hold the Presses
Morris Arboretum
National Business Coalition on Health
Sacred Places at Risk
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)
A New Gorilla in the Cage
Equal Pay for Equal Work
Picking Up the Usual Suspects
Meeting of the Minds
Pennsylvania Prison Society
Hayek Confronts Keynes
Africa Comes to the Schuylkill
Valentine Tours, Right Here in River City
Baruch Blumberg, Renaissance Man
Herbert Hoover, Mining Engineer
Quakerism and the Industrial Revolution
Unexpected Benefits of a Lurid Past
Clinton Health Plan Starts at the Union League
Avian Footnote
Nixon, Reconsidered
No Laborer Left Behind
Community Volunteers in Medicine
Wall Art in Philadelphia
The Cost of Meeting Unmet Medical Needs
Globalizing Real Estate
Broken Pots
Remember This Date: May 18
A Pennsylvania Farmer in Delaware
Overnight in Philadelphia: Tourism Suggestions
Emails From Iraq (2)
Emails From Iraq (1)
Pennsbury Manor
Perth Amboy Revisited
RSS Feeds
Font Families
Quaker Gray Turns Quaker Green
Armonica, Momentarily Mesmerizing
Venturi's Franklin Museum in Franklin Court
Tony Junker: Tunnell's Boys
Big Pharma Loses Momentum
Rugby in Our Midst
Compromise Outside the Borders of a Debate
U.S. and E.U. Exchange Experiences (1)
Central Bankers Refine the Art of Diplomacy
CSS Zen Garden Suggestions
Tours of Philadelphia Region
Short Tour of Philadelphia's West Country
Day Two: Rehoboth to Kennett Square
Day One: Camden to Cape May
Sixth and Walnut to Broad and Samson
Second and Market to Sixth and Walnut
Sixth and Arch to Second and Arch
Native Habitat
Ampersand Madness: Convert & to & to prevent XHTML errors
Dedication: Deaths of the Shah
USA and London: Epilogue
USA: Chapter Twelve ..
USA: Chapter Eleven
USA: Chapter Ten
USA: Chapter Nine
USA: Chapter Eight
USA: Chapter Seven
USA: Chapter Six
USA: Chapter Five
The United States: ChapterTen
USA: Chapter Four
USA: Chapter Three
USA: Chapter Two
USA: Chapter One
Persia: Chapter iv
Persia: Chapter iii
Persia: Chapter ii
Persia: Chapter i
Unequal Health in an Unequal World
Andrew Hamilton (1676-1741)
Friends of Boyd
Web Standards Validation
RSS, Atom, Syndication, etc.
Cricket Fanatics Say Baseball is for Sissies!
Tax Credit Time
Javascript: document.write and XHTML
What Good Did Medicare Do?
Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic
Donor Intent
Insuring the Uninsured is Not Entirely a Health Issue
The Nation's Capitol
Philadelphia Mafia: The First Fifty Years
Put Down That Lid!
Yet Another Toast to Dr. J. William White
Whither, WHYY
Winter of Our Discontent
Six Ways to Fix Social Security
Mind Your Manners
Illicit Drugs are Eliminated in Philadelphia
Pink Slips for Green Doctors
Mussolini in South Philadelphia
Economics of La Cosa Nostra
Mouthpiece of the Mob
Investing for Children
Beginning Social Security Benefits
New Health Care Reform Proposal
Eakins and Doctors
Default Investing
Estate Planning Tool
Five Macroeconomic Myths
The Coming Baby Boomer Retirement Problem
Franklin Declares Independence a Year Early
Whatever Was George III Thinking?
George Washington's View of the British Army
Franklin in Paris
House that Love Built: Ronald McDonald of Philadelphia
BEA Monitors the Economy
Two Hotheads May Have Destroyed an Empire
The Jews in Colonial Philadelphia
Logan, Franklin, Library
The Scotch-Irish In the Revolution
Employer-based Health Insurance: End of the Trail?
The American Health Non-system
Reflections on Swensen
Houses of the Penn Family
William Allen, Tory
Advanced Placement Gains Attackers and Defenders
Parliament Provokes a Revolution
The Heirs of William Penn
Draining Suburbia
Virginia Invades Pennsylvania
Addressing The Proprietors' Dilemma
Benjamin Franklin: Chronology
After the Convention:Hamilton and Madison
Alexander Hamilton, Celebrity
Laurel Hill
Regular Expressions
Web hosting providers
Paul Robeson 1898-1976
DHTML, PHP and MySQL References
Open a new window with XHTML
Editing HTML with PHP scripts
Floating Three-Column CSS Layout
Why Did Admiral Howe Choose the Chesapeake?
Webpage Printing
Difference of Opinion
Harvard Men Suggest a Cold Place for Yale
Wyoming, Fair Wyoming Valley
Help Using Philadelphia Reflections
Sorry, But This May Hurt a Little
Our Federal Reserve : Biddle's Bank (2)
Philadelphia Calendars
Christ Church and Elfreths Alley
Victorian Broad Street
French Philadelphia
Billy Penn's Hat
Washington Square
Convention Center
Chinese Canyons
The Center of Town
City Troop
Bullseye Sociology
Free Quaker Meetinghouse
Shrine of Historical Restoration
Economic Power of Laws
The Richest Men in America
Rittenhouse Square Area
Delaware Bay Before the White Man Came
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing
East Falls
On the Making of Boundaries: PA/NY
Pennyslvania's Boundary: David Rittenhouse, Hero, Lord Baltimore, Villain
Skating and Humane
Corinthian Epistle
Gardens for Posterity
Philadelphia Food: Fast Food
Philadelphia Drink
Mayors and Limos
Jewelers Row
Local Elections
Gunk, 27 Million Tons of It
International Visitors Council
North of Market
To Germantown: A Short Appreciation
Local Elections (2)
Loaves and Fishes
Monetary Causes of the American Revolutionary War
The Swamps of Philadelphia
Jury Nullification
The Schools of School House Lane
Patent Pending
The Godfather
Betsy Ross on Hard Times
Secret Places
The Beginnings of E-Mail
Henry George, Single Tax
The Philadelphia Bay (1)
Philadelphia in '76
Joseph Priestley, Shaker and Mover
Philadelphia: A 1925 Viewpoint
Laundered Money
Falstaff Without Prince Hal
Barbarians At the Gates of the Magical Kingdom
Fanny Kemble
Fairmount Park Historic Preservation Trust
The Naming of Pennsylvania
Slavery: If This be done well, What is done evil?
Goat Head Merchant
Henry Cadbury Dresses Up for the King
It Ain't Necessarily So
Cultural Imperialism
The King's Last and Final Word
The Republican Convention (1900)
That Damned Cowboy
Republican Convention in the Wigwam (1860)
Mark Twain Observes 1890 Pennsylvania Politics
The Kimmel Center: Comments On The Economics of Music
Silence Connotes Assent: Only To Quakers
German Origins of the Philadelphia Orchestra
Early Germantown-Music
College of Physicians of Philadelphia
River City
The Birthplace of Radio
Railroading Haddonfield
Old Blockley (P.G.H.)
The First and Oldest Hospital in America
Quaker Investment Committee
The Minnesota Investment Standard
Founding Fish
Where Do Shad Go, When They Aren't Around Here?
Sanctuaria Mariposa
The Definition of a Real Philadelphian (1914)
Corrupt and Contented
Ownership of the Port
Tulips, Jay Cooke, and Google
Urban Termites
Slum Creation and Urban Sprawl
New Phillies Stadium
Unwritten Lessons For the European Union
The Supreme Court Arrives, A Little Late
Dark Morning at the Supreme Court
Delaware Declares Independence ... From Pennsylvania
Discipline for the Disciple
Seventeenth Amendment
Owen Roberts
Perpetual Fire Insurance
A Fair Plan for Fire Insurance (and Health Insurance, too?)
Priceless Art as Mass Entertainment
Philadelphia and Japan
Emperor's Doctor
Edward Hicks: Peaceable Kingdoms
Harriton House
Rufus Jones, Quaker
Dinner With Hoffa
Caesar Rodney Rides Through the Rain
Keeping Lunaticks Off the Streets
Cecilia Beaux, Portraitist of the Grand Manner
Society Hill Stonehenge
Quotes from B. Franklin, Curmudgeon
Quakers From the Indian Point of View
Slaveowning Quaker Steps Up To The Plate
The Quaker Who Would Be King
Home of the U.S. Naval Academy
Charles Peterson and Amity Buttons
Inscrutable Chinese
Greenwich, Where?
Pirate Lair
Radioactive River Bend
Encampment At East Falls
Washington Lurks in Bucks County, Waiting for Howe to Make a Move
Measures of Philadelphia
When Bosses Ruled Philadelphia
Philadelphia's Two Years Under Attack: A Chronology
Fanny Kemble Takes the Train South, in 1838
Battle of the Clouds: September, Remember
The Victor Talking Machine Company
Highway Beautification
Lewis Harlow van Dusen, Jr. (1910-2004)
Battleship New Jersey: Home is the Sailor
Specialized Surgeons
The Swedenborgian Church
Use the Internet for Your Club (2)
Quakers Turn Their Backs on Power
The Empire Visits Haddonfield, Briefly
Do-It-Yourself Globalization
Who Watches the Watchmen?
David F. Bradford, 1939-2005
Madame Butterfly (2)
A Toast To J. William White, MD
A Toast To Silas Weir Mitchell, MD
Benjamin Franklin Parkway (2)
Bristol, PA
Brandywine Museum
James A. Michener (1907-1997)
Contemporary Germantown
Pea Patch Island
Disorderly Retreat: From Trenton Back to Perth Amboy
Germantown After 1730
Germantown and the French and Indian War
Germantown Before 1730
Inazo Nitobe, Quaker Samurai
John Woolman Reports on Yearly Meeting, 1758
Market Street, East (2)
Market Street, East (1)
Market Street, East (3)
Fair Mount
Our Federal Reserve (1)
Our Federal Reserve: Okayed (3)
Perth Amboy to Trenton (2)
New Health Insurance Reform Proposals
Health Savings Accounts
Medicare/Health Savings Accounts Legislation
Put Corporate Raiders to Some Good Use?
State Capitol Think Tanks
The Nation's Future Health Profile
Let's Give the Supreme Court Some Help
Preppies of the Future?
Democracy Turns Out To Be a Two-Party System
A Few Rooms of Your Own
While the City Sleeps
Sorting Out Future Winners Some Suggestions
CEO of the World
Making Money (5)
Making Money (4)
Making Money (3)
Making Money (2)
Making Money (1)
A Woman's Work
European Common Currency
Making Money (6): The Laffer Curve
Paying Bills Electronically
Heads Up: Look Ahead
Rentier Class
Flexner Report, Revisited
Supply-Side Tax Cuts
TV and Politics
Curing Deflation
The Supreme Court Gets Fed Up With Professors
Inflating and Deflating Japan.
Retiring to the Workforce
Exit, Pursued by a Bear
Starving the Beast of Early Retirement
Term Limits, With Exceptions
Will Tax Cuts Invert the Yield Curve?
Setting National Interest Rates
A Single International Currency?
Health Care Rationing, American Style
Medical Generation Gap
A New Food and Drug Category
Yale Blue
Future Directions for Colleges
Eisenhower, Reagan and Rumsfeld
Marty Feldstein Forecasts the Future
Malpractice: Blame Insurance Companies?
Malpractice: State or Federal Problem?
Malpractice: Reported Medical Errors
Charitable Immunity: An Underestimated Revolution
Malpractice: Captain of the Ship ... New Title, One Step At A Time, but A Big One.
Directly Reforming Malpractice Insurance Is a Blind Alley
Blame Managed Care?
Malpractice Epidemic?
Working Girls Get the Faints
Curtis and the Book Trade
Curtis: Those 1905 Delivery Trucks
Curtis: The Business Plan
Curtis: Textbook Case for Business School
Carpenters Hall
America in 1767
Mister Roberts
Computer Adjectives
Rubberneck Tours of Philadelphia (1)
The Walking Purchase
The No-Doctrine Doctrine
Politics of the French and Indian War
The Supreme Court Revisits Girard's Will
Why Are Hospital Prices So High?
Growing Legs
School Vouchers (7)
The Blue Cross Discount (6)
The Association (5)
Rosencrantz and Gildenstern (4)
IRA ... Individual Retirement Accounts (3)
Further Acknowledgments (2)
The Hospital That Ate Chicago (1)
John Bartram's Garden
East Park Jingle
West Fairmount Park
Swarthmore College
Quaker Doctrine and Schism
Dr. Cadwalader's Hat
Spreading the City Out to Its Edges
Opposition to Privatized Social Security
The Rights of Man
Philadelphia in October, 1774
Mutual Fund Governance
Police Athletic League
The Savoy and the Orpheus
Nobel Prize: Michael Brown, MD
Medical Tort Reform
The Web As Investigative Reporter
Lindbergh Boulevard
Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Trial
The Wyoming Massacre of July 3, 1778
Look Out For That Ship!
Christ Church Memorabilia
The Best Density for an Idea
Georgetown Returns Day
Georgetown Oyster Eat: Separate but Equal
Finances of the Girard Estate
Religion at Girard College:Spiritual But Irreligious
Helis the Whale
Selection of Judges
The Judiciary
Please Don't Lose Any Sleep Over This
Main Line School Night
Malpractice: Insurance War Stories
Plain Speech
Military School
Philadelphia Green
Lambertville and Lewis Island
Stephen Girard 1750-1831
Modernism and Postmodernism
Friends Lifecare at Home
Zane Grey, Dentist
War Dance
La Fayette, We Are Here
Settlement Music School
Colleges and Religions Drift Apart
Elizabethan Accents in Philadelphia
Canada's Southern Seaport
Mohammed Ali, Cassius Clay
Or, A Few Bad Apples?
Henry Mercer's Rathskeller
Widener, Stotesbury, and Trumbauer
AFSC: American Friends Service Committee
Books by Philadelphians or about Philadelphia
Stephen Girard and Religion
Articles of Confederation: Fatal Flaw
The Economic Power of Laws
Philadelphia in 1876: The Centennial
The Origins of Haddonfield
Charles Dickens Doesn't Like Our Nice Penitentiary
The Barnes Foundation: Comments on the Economics of Art (2)
Kenneth Gordon, MD, Hero of Valley Forge
John Dickinson, Quaker Hamlet
The First Pennamite War (1769-1771)
Fees for Trial Lawyers, Section 1983 Variety
The American Friends Service Committee
Franklin Bets His Wad on General Braddock
Philadelphia Gardens
George Washington Defends Philadelphia (2)
Cost of Medical Care
American Philosophical Society
Litchfield County, Extended (1771-1775)
The Decision of Trenton (1782) Under the Articles of Confederation
Easter Sunrise in Philadelphia
Defeat and Disaster: Philadelphia Falls to the Enemy
Franklin's Public Pledge to Braddock
Riverline: Camden and Amboy Revival
The Life and Death of Cities
Parliamentary procedure(2)
Musical Fund Hall
A Prophet In Our Valley
Parliamentary Procedure (1)
The Pennamite Wars: Who Had The Last Word?
William Penn Conducts a Witchcraft Trial
Victor Rambo, Indian Eye Surgeon
Delaware's Court of Chancery
Albert C. Barnes, M.D.
ASCAP Methods
Franklin: Upstart Hero of King George's War (1747)
The Houses in the Park
Philadelphia in 1976: Legionaire's Disease
William Penn: Visionary with Persuasiveness
Philadelphia: Charles Dickens Gives an 1842 Viewpoint
Howe's Choice: To Philadelphia, or Saratoga?
Airport Economics
Nature Preservation
The Final Capture of Philadelphia (6)
Block Captains
Use the Internet for Your Club
Poor Richard Plays Hardball
Rail Station at Broad and Washington
Northern Liberties Starts to Revive
Mrs. Meade's House
Northwest Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia Food: Traditional
Germantown Nurses the Yellow Fever, 1793
Unintended Consequences for Advanced Placement
Reviving the Mummers
The Battle of Germantown: Oct. 3, 1777
Philadelphia Food: Ingredients
Germany Before Germantown
Mummer's Strut
Margaret of Anjou (1)
Sullivan's March
The Third Pennamite War (1778-1784)
Investment Strategies
Following the Rules
Larger Clubs
The Revolutionary Origins of The Methodist Church
What Happened in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776?
Mary Cassatt
British Headquarters: Perth Amboy, New Jersey, in its 1776 Heyday (B 608)
The Proprietorships of William Penn
Odessa, Delaware
Marian B. Sanders, Quaker Activist, 87
Whigs, Slaves, and Tariffs
The Franklin Inn
Rise and Fall of Life Insurance
New Castle, Delaware
Philadelphia's Republican Machine
Market at Schuylkill
Bertrand Russell Disturbs the Barnes Foundation Neighbors
Mark Twain Sees Philadelphia in 1853
Owen Roberts: A Switch in Time
Benjamin Franklin Parkway (1)
Franklin Crown Soap
Easy Ride: Perth Amboy to Trenton
Show Biz Image: Hepburn, Rogers, Kelly
A Toast to Doctor Franklin
The Missouri Compromise
The Hogan Schism
Philadelphia in 1658
Life On The River (3)
Financing a Research University
Tom Paine: Rabble-Rousing Quaker?

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